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Knowing Me, Knowing You

An Integrated SocioPsychology Guide to
Personal Fulfilment & Better Relationships

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“Best Psychology Book of the Year”Bill Hajdu, Berkeley, California on

368 pages paperback with comprehensive index, includes 74 diagrams and charts. Available from Trafford Publishing. ISBN 9781412082914

The handsome paperback version of ‘Knowing Me, Knowing You’ can be purchased directly from the Trafford website and Internet retailers such as Amazon and Books Etc‘Knowing Me, Knowing You’ can also be ordered via high street chains such as W H Smith and Waterstones and most reputable high street bookstores, using ISBN-10 1412082919 or ISBN-13 9781412082914.

‘Knowing Me, Knowing Y0u’ is also available as a PDF. The PDF contains 373 pages , with comprehensive index, includes 74 diagrams and charts (most in full colour).

About ‘Knowing Me, Knowing You’…

  • Do you want to know more about you – why you do what do, why you think and feel as you do? Do you want to resolve issues – perhaps that have been troubling you for years…?
  • Do you want to understand others more? Do you want to improve key relationships – so that you and the other person(s) in the relationship can get more out of it?

If the answer to any of these questions is ‘Yes’, then you ‘Knowing Me, Knowing You’ will give you real insight into why things are the way they are – and what you might be able to do about them.

Are you simply curious about human nature?

Then read on!

Set in the frame of a practical ‘self-help’ book, ‘Knowing Me, Knowing You’ provides what is arguably the most advanced understanding of the human psyche we have so far.

It does this by creating a structure around which all the different elements of the behavioural sciences can be integrated – ie: Integrated SocioPsychology! This structure is composed of the Gravesian approach – and Don Beck & Chris Cowan’s Spiral Dynamics ‘build’ – set on a foundation of Hans J Eysenck’s Dimensions of Temperament and played out through Robert Dilts’ Neurological Levels model. Additionally, it takes in the concepts of schemas & memes and the way they influence how we make meaning – L Michael Hall’s Meta-States.

‘Knowing Me, Knowing You’ also draws on the research and ideas of Ken Wilber, Sigmund Freud, Muzafer Sherif, Jean Piaget, William Moulton Marston, John Bowlby, Erik Erikson, Alfred Korzybski, Abraham Maslow, Albert Bandura, Aaron T Beck, Martin E P Seligman, Gregory Bateson, Lawrence Kohlberg, Richard Bandler & John Grinder, Frederick Bartlett, Richard Dawkins, Leslie Cameron Bandler, Jerome Kagan, Rodger Bailey, Nicholas Emler, Shelle Rose Charvet and Susan Blackmore – to name a few! It incorporates the conflict management concepts of Robert Blake & Jane Mouton and Ken Thomas & Ralph Kilmann – creaters of the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Instrument. Even B F Skinner’s rats and Ivan Petrovich Pavlov’s dogs get put to good use!

Whether your concerns are centred on yourself, your personal relationship, your children, family and friends – your work colleagues, even! – reading ‘Knowing Me, Knowing You’ will give you insights into the issues involved. Armed with that understanding, you are then in a position to know what can be changed – with some ideas on how to bring about change.

Excerpts from the book can be viewed here.

Introduction: This Book will Change your Life…..1    …and the Spirituality Stuff?…..3    What to get out of this Book…..4
Part One: Knowing Me…..7
1 Do I really know Myself?…..8   What is ‘Self’…?…..10   Spiritual Self or ‘Selfplex’?…..14
2 The Nature of Ideas…..20   The Brain as a Battleground…..23   Overcoming Limiting Beliefs?…..26
3 What about Temperament?…30   Dimensions of Personality…..31   Psychoticism and Personality…..34   What if I’m an Unstable Introvert?…..40   Avoiding the Lie…..43
4 Self as Identity…46   The Criticality of Identity and Values & Beliefs…..51   Aligning the Neurological Levels…..54   Problems in Identity Formation…..56
5 Developing Selves…60   A Theory which explains Everything?…..62   The Nature of vMEMES…..68
6 Selves of the 1st Tier…..77   BEIGE…..77   PURPLE…..77   RED…..81   BLUE…..84   ORANGE…..87   GREEN…..89
7 Selves of the 2nd Tier…..92   YELLOW…..94   TURQUOISE…..97   CORAL?…..100
8 Environment, Identity & Transformation…..102   We change the Environment; the Environment changes Us…..106   Variations in the Formation of Identity…..109
9 The Mechanics of Change…..112   Escaping the Gamma Trap!!!…..120
10 Temperament and Change…..125   From the Horizontal to the Vertical…..128   …and the Point is…?…..134   Getting to Grips with Temperament…..137
11 Yet More Selves…?…..140   Troubles in Transition…….150
12 Harmony, Wars, Stacks and Devastation…..152   vMEME Wars…..155   vMEME Stacks…..157   vMEMES and Psychopathology…..161
13 How We get Our Selves into States…..168   How do You attribute?…..171   Handling Meta-States…..177
14 Troubleshooting Me, ‘My Self’ and My Stress…..181   Understanding Stress…..181   Internal or External, Temperamental and Memetic?…..186
13 Tips for Your Psychological Health…..191
Part Two: Knowing You…..193
15 Making Sense of Other People…..195   vMEMES, Meta-Modelling and Meta-Programmes…..199   Observing vMEMES…..207
16 Strategies for Healthy Relationships…..212   Communicating the Message…..219
17 Conflict Modes…..224   PURPLE…..225   RED…..228   RED-BLUE Transition…..229   BLUE…..230   BLUE-ORANGE Transition…..231   ORANGE…..231   ORANGE-GREEN Transition…..232   GREEN…..233   2nd Tier…..234
18 Conflict Management…..237   Relationship Values & Tensions…..239   A Maslowian-rooted Approach to Conflict Management…..240   Arguing from the same vMEME?…..246   Understanding with the Meta-Mirror…..247
19 Women, for Men…and Men, for Women…..251   Sex & Social Differences between Men & Women…..252   Men, Women, Ambition and Caring…..258   The Cycle…..261
20 Sex, Faithfulness and Romantic Relationships…..265   Is Monogamy normal?…..267   The Importance of Environmental Factors…..272   So how do We foster Personal Sexual Fidelity?…..274
21 Consummate Love…..276   Rescuing Relationships…..279   Breaking the Break-Up Pattern…..282
22 Younger Children, for Parents (and Teachers!)…..287   In and out of the Womb…..292   From Infancy to Puberty…..295   What about the Memes?…..298   How vMEMES learn – Part 1…..299
23 Teenagers, for Parents (and Teachers!)…..301   A vMEMETIC Transition…..303   Friends and Sex…..306   Teenagers and the Higher vMEMES…..308   Erica’s Story…..310   How vMEMES learn – Part 2…..311
24 The Workplace, for Workers…..314   The Workplace is a Dangerous Place…..318   Who’s doing What? Where? When? How?…and Why?…..320   Workplace Strategies…..324
25 Troubleshooting My Relationships…..32621 Tips for Managing Relationship Disharmony…..328   The Value of Relationships…..332
Concluding Words…?…..335
The Bigger Picture…..336
Web Resources…..a
About Keith E Rice…..q

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