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‘Integrated SocioPsychology’ is the name I have coined for the meta-approach I am developing – along with several other key thinkers – to integrate and align the many theories and schools/disciplines in the behavioural sciences.

The overarching framework of this construct is 4Q/8L and the vMEMES of the Gravesian approach. Together they form undoubtedly the most advanced mapping of the ebb and flow of human motivational systems, both at an individual and a collective/cultural level. How vMEMES influence the identities and values & beliefs we hold in our selfplex and how they play out in our interaction with the external environment can be monitored via Robert Dilts’ Neurological Levels model. With the aid of Reciprocal Determinism we can see how memes – external ideas – are internalised into our own internal schemas via the meta-stating process, each stage of which involves one and often more elements of the Cognitive Triad and the attribution process.

Temperament – as best defined via Hans J Eysenck’s Dimensions – frequently influences an individual’s behaviour and the interrelationship between temperament and motivation is a key area for exploration in my thoughts on Integrated SocioPsychology. Certainly it would seem some meta-programmes will fluctuate more as motivational patterns shift while others seem to be more or less locked as a direct consequence of innate temperament. However, the new science of Epigenetics cautions us against assuming innate aspects of our psychology are necessarily fixed all our lives.

Of necessity, the pages in this section of the site can only provide a fairly basic introduction to the concepts under discussion. To some considerable extent, these key concepts are explored, both for theoretical linkages and in practical applications on other pages of the site. For those visitors wishing to explore in more academic-level depth, almost all works referenced on the pages can be found in the Bibliography. Of course, visitors can also get in touch with me directly through the Contact page to discuss any aspect of the site.

There are many, many other concepts, models and theories referenced within the near-limitless boundaries of Integrated SocioPsychology and a number of these are covered to some degree or other elsewhere on this site. Visitors are also encouraged to reference the Glossary for brief explanations of sociopsychological terminology.

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