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The Gernia Variation

Updated: 28 April 2016


For her MeshWORK projects in rural South Africa, Gernia Van Niekerk has developed a more action-oriented version of 4Q/8L It is conceived as a follow-on to mapping via the original Don Beck (2000b, 2002b) adapted from Ken Wilber’s All Quadrants/All Levels concept original (1996) . It is sometimes known as The Gernia Variation.

This works by:-

  • Structuring needs according to the 6 vMEMES of the Gravesian 1st Tier (Q-1)
  • Auditing the resources available and surveying the organisations and institutions that must be aligned to cooperate and participate (Q-3)
  • Identifying ways and means – ie: projects – to drive the development programme (Q-4)
  • Auditing the skills required to run and sustain the projects and the utlisation of existing technology at each level (Q-2)

By bringing in Skills & Knowledge, Gernia links 4Q/8L to all of the neurological levels.

Click here to view a report on Gernia’s ‘Rosedale MeshWORK’ using her version of 4Q/8L.


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One Response

  1. Marthe Muller says

    Gernia, I am experiencing such profound joy this morning, being guided to read through your work, many years after SAWID brought us together. It is clearly time for us to speak again… I have recently been invited to attend some introductory and exploratory conversations around Wilber’s work and the integral quadrant, in preparation for a pilot project in 2 wards of Franschhoek in 2017 between SAWID and the IDP and Public Participation directorate of Stellenbosch municipality, with a focus on SAWID’s contribution towards family development and the recruitment and training of family development workers, as well as small healing dialogue circles and the further development of existing software to geo-map both community needs and available resources in government and the private sector. I would love to discuss the Poverty Stoplight tool with you, which WDB Trust is just beginning to use for their Family Development Worker training, which is a continuation and improvement of the SAWID Development Caravan model. I will call you to discuss the Gernia Variation and the “RDP of the Soul” work at ward level that our country and the planet so urgently needs. Thank you for your amazing work.