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Learner Perspectives: Even Older Workshops

A Look at Some Workshops way back when…!

“Thank you for your inspirational courses I have attended so far. They have really ignited the interest I have in psychology and paved the path for my further study. I am currently reading your book ‘Knowing Me, Knowing You’ and find that it is really supporting the courses I have attended so far. I am really looking forward to the next course in September about dream analysis.”
Sarah Wilkinson, Rossett participant, 2014

July 2014: Joanna Russell, Helen Brown, Jackie Hill and Maura Bryan discussing case studies at Rossett

“Thoroughly enjoyed the 2 days with Keith. He is very knowledgeable and always interesting.”
Maura Bryan, Rossett participant, 2014

“Brilliant as ever. The group never fails to gel – and that is down to you, Keith! Thanks.”
Joanna Russell, Rossett participant, 2014

May 2012: Kristina Benit, Graham Alderson, Liz Parry and Sally Carling making their presentation at Rossett

“The course covered everything that I could have wanted…. I do think this sort of psychology and life skills should be a prominent part of a child’s education.”
Sally Carling, Rossett participant, 2012

“I enjoyed the course very much – especially the enthusiasm of our tutor and his special way of communicating it.”
Liz Parry, Rossett participant, 2012

March 2012: Joanna Russell about to make her final presentation

March 2012: Joanna Russell about to make her final presentation

“You have a wonderful, easy style to teaching – very engaging. Thanks so much.”
Joanna Russell, Rossett participant, 2012

“I have enjoyed the course very much, a perfect taster to hopefully take me onto the intermediate level.”
Jane Hoyle, Rossett participant, 2011

“I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the course. It’s achieved exactly what I wanted it to. Thank you!”
Ingrid Glasby, Rossett participant, 2011

“I am definitely finding the information from the course and the book is helping the way we teach Halliwick at the pool, especially with confidence building. For example, when encouraging those who are really wary in water. I really think about the phrases I’m using, (always avoiding the ‘WHY? word’!) employing tag questions, etc, so that people feel good about their achievements and try to build on it each session. By saying things such as, ‘You did really well with ….[whatever activity is appropriate]…. last session, didn’t you. You must be really pleased with your progress, etc.’ And it definitely seems to work.”
– Pamela Crofts, Hull Optimists, 2008

“It’s really changed the way I view people. I keep putting them in to different colours…. Linda has improved with her swimming too!”
Lynne Dawes, Hull Optimists, 2007

“Thanks again for the course. Paula and I have both ordered the book…. Some of the participants want to go over it again!”
Beryl Kelsey, Hull Optimists, 2007

June 2007: Lynn Songhurst and Jane Lancaster (both Beckwithshaw Community Primary School, Harrogate) read through their case study

“It’s been very interesting and informative. I shall certainly use some of these ideas in school.”
Jane Lancaster, Beckwithshaw Community Primary School, Harrogate, 2007

“Your seminar in 2005 is the best I have attended on the subject matter.”
Dave Lowe, graphic artist, Hull, 2007

“…helps with understanding and interactiing with fellow humans.
The use of sensory learning techniques is excellent.”
Andrew Mills, Babel Consulting, Doncaster, 2005

“Great to find ‘something’ that integrates with NLP! I think that the way you have done the work and put the course together is great for NLPers. It ‘filled’ in some of the gaps (I spoke about at the beginning of the course) that NLP seemed to leave, in my view.If your course ‘takes off’ with the NLP community (specifically) I would love to be part of that ! (If you need a helper in the future) I have just helped Kathy (my wife) fill in a job application using what we have learned. I was surprised how much I am starting to use Spiral Dynamics already! A very solid model to work with. Many thanks!!
Dave Lowe, The Studio, Hull, 2005

June 2005: Dave Lowe (The Studio) and Carol Thornton (Voluntary Action North Lincolnshire) working on their final presentations

“It was more appropriate to both my work life and my home life than I had expected it to be.”
Carol Thornton, Voluntary Action North Lincolnshire, 2005

“Keith Rice has on several occasions facilitated workshops for the Europarc Innovation Circles & Innovation Engine workshops aimed at Small Medium Enterprises in the Humber region. His specialist topics have included ‘People Development’, ‘Leadership’ and ‘Quality Management’, but what Keith is very well known for is ‘Spiral Dymanics’ and its application to improving business performance and culture. I, myself, have attended and Mind Mapped his Spiral Dynamics 3-day programme and found the content, structure and support in applying this new knowledge superb. In my opinion the application of this methodology is essential in any business change or growth scenario.”
Jennifer Crossland, Innovation Manager, Grimsby Europarc, 2005

“We all had a fantastic weekend…Thank you so much for sharing your time and expertise with us, I know we all benefited and will continue to do so.”
John Newton, Wright First Time Ltd, Peterborough, 2004

“It made me look at myself both personally and professionally. Hopefully, it will allow me to plan well ahead and to understand where other people are coming from. It will help with interaction.”
Sheryle Jones, Community Investment Team, North Lincolnshire Council, 2004

“Thank you so much for making the course so informative and so interesting.
Each session was informative but I could not see how they gelled together. However, the last session was excellent. It was all put together for me!”
Karen Sweeny, Community Investment Team, North Lincolnshire Council, 2004

“I didn’t realise until recently just how much the course two years ago influenced my thinking in the way I’ve managed the schools and the merger. Spiral Dynamics has to be the way to go. It makes such sense – you can see it – and it’s so relevant to schools.”
Cathy Byrne, Headteacher of The Parks Primary School, Hull, 2003 (A report chronicling the merger of the Danepark and Court Park schools to form The Parks can be viewed in the Case Studies pages.)

“Thoroughly enjoyed the three days SD training. Very thought provoking and very helpful in a practical way too. What more could anybody want?”
Pauline Taylor, Learning Services, North East Lincolnshire Council, 2003

“Fascinating stuff and really thought provoking….I am still learning and mulling over SD and these are some of my thoughts.
…the power within the practice of SD can be a massive benefit to mankind as long as the visionaries use it or think in Turquoise.
What really turns me onto SD is the fact it can be learned and demonstrated and proven in many levels of life, business and nationhood. As the spiral turns upward so does the empathic response of the subject.”
Tony Cosgrove, Managing Director, Nortech Services Ltd, Hull, 2003

June 2003: Gina Holdsworth, Melanie Hunter (The Zone) Tony Cosgrove (Nortech Services Ltd, Hull), Angela Lambert-Dowell and Deb Tate (Hull City Vision) ‘walking the Spiral’, June 2003 (Photo: Helen Ezard)

“…definitely gives the scaffold [for other models, tools and techniques] that you promised.”
Angela Lambert-Dowell, Freelance Trainer & Consultant, Howden, 2003

“I’ve done lots of management training; and bits here and there have been really useful. But this seems to bring it all together. It seems to apply in all circumstances. I can’t think of any situation in which I can’t use it.”
Jenny Gavin-Allen, Team Manager, Community Investment Team, North Lincolnshire Council, 2002 (A project report of the work with the Community Investment Team can be viewed in Case Studies pages.)

“It has uses for all areas of life – if life gives me enough time to apply it!!!!!”
Jacky Wass, Community Investment Team, North Lincolnshire Council, 2002

“Thank you. The two days were very interesting, hopefully useful, well presented and delivered. I especially like the use of music and pictures….I particularly liked the way the build up to the vMEMES on day one worked. Thanks again.”
Lou Howard, Community Liaison Manager, The Learning Shop, Hull, 2002

May 2002: Sarah Watson (Longhill Consortium), Lou Howard (The Learning Shop), Deborah Law (Business in the Community), John Buttrick (Children’s University) and John Cornelius (Malet Lambert School) ready to restart after a break

“Exposure to this new concept has most certainly enhanced my understanding and commitment towards ensuring that I take into account people’s modes of thinking and learning when going about my professional work.”
John Buttrick, Project Manager, Children’s University, Hull, 2002

“There was agreement amongst all six of the team that the day’s outcomes would not have been possible without the SD training.
In fact, Max said at the end of the session that he was surprised to realise that he had gained far more benefit from the course than perhaps he and Paul realised at the time.”
Bernard McGuinn, Operations Manager, Hodgson Sealants Ltd, Beverley, 2002 (A project report of the application of the training at Hodgsons can be viewed in the Case Studies pages.)

“I definitely need time to reflect on the material. I appreciate its usefulness and appropriateness to life/work. I enjoyed the ‘colours’ – a very useful framework and tool. I will definitely use it – and have used it since day one. Thank you.”
Catherine Bainton, Director, Preston Road New Deal for Communities, Hull, 2002

“I like the colours! I would like to read up more on this…and would like to try and apply it more specifically to my project ‘community houses’ Thanks. It’s been interesting – may need to re-visit this in a few months?”
Fran Hodgkinson, Project Manager, Preston Road New Deal for Communities, Hull, 2002

“I had a great time. It was a pleasure to work with your and learn so much more about Spiral Dynamics.”
Wendy Baxter, Partner, Summit Consulting, 2001

“The Spiral Dynamics Workshops are hugely stimulating and thought provoking; I found them thoroughly enjoyable. The model is robust and adaptable and has helped bring clarity to many of the issues I work with. Spiral Dynamics is not just a splendid theory, it is an eminently practical model that can be applied to a surprisingly wide range of issues and situations. I warmly commend it to anybody trying to understand the unintelligible (or just having a thirst for learning).”
David Burnby, Director, Common Purpose in Hull, 2001

“It has given me a new reason to develop a belief in what I want I want to do – and how to do it. I may stop in teaching a little longer.”
Dave Southall, Teacher, Whitgift School, Grimsby, 2001

“…has come at a time when I am engaged in a lot of personal change ‘work’ which I’m able to fit with the SD stuff. It clearly adds to present knowledge.”
Peter Smythe, Senior Lecturer in Social Work, University of Lincoln & Humberside, 2001

“I enjoyed your sharing of the ideas in Spiral Dynamics. There were things that challenged me and which I’m still considering and elements that I can get to grips with from the off. The point is that you made it a very enjoyable learning experience…. Thanks again for your generous sharing of expertise and openness.”
Lewis Lynch, Teacher, St Mary’s College, Hull, 2001

Some Not Quite So Old Workshops…