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Learner Perspectives: Recent Workshops

A Look at Some Recent Workshops…

A selection of photos from workshops, with comments from letters, emails, evaluation forms, etc. Newest at the top; oldest at the bottom. Extended photo galleries from many workshop programmes can be found in the pertinent year page in Career.

“A great introduction. Love the enthusiasm each week. Looking forward to learning more.”
Rob Backhurst, Shipley College participant, 2019

“Great whistlestop tour. It has fuelled my interest in psychology. Now considering  take a degree – might help stop my Eysenck being Gravely Maslowed.”
Colin Burt, Rossett participant, 2019

December 2019: One of the Rossett groups: Carl Harrison,, Joanna Simpson, Carol Inglehearn and Kay Bobek

“Thank  you for opening up the world of psychology to me. Looking forward to learning more in the future.”
Joanna Simpson, Rossett participant, 2019

“Always very engaging. Enjoy the mix of presentation styles and group work.”
Helen Brown, Rossett participant, 2019

March  2019: Anne Gray leading her team’s case study presentation at Rossett – with Sandra Sims and Margaret Howard

“Very professional delivery and thought provoking. Relevant to the modern world.”
Anne Gray, Rossett participant, 2019

“This is the second of your courses I have been on (so it must be > good!). I love the touch of humour, the personal anecdotes and the inclusion of everyone in the group…”
Penny Hutchinson,  Shipley College participant, 2019

“Your session was extensively planned and well structured. Tasks were sequential, well managed and staged. The learners were enjoying the session, were  highly engaged, active and keen to contribute. You checked learners’ understanding highly effectively throughout the learning session.
You exhibited excellent subject knowledge, high levels of enthusiasm and passion for the subject and  encouraged and supported your students throughout. You have worked hard to create a safe environment in which learners feel able to ask questions and express their views on topics under discussion. You are  very effective and flexible in your approach to meeting the individual needs of learners within the constraints of the programme. Learners are encouraged to bring real life issues and monitor and review their own progress on an adapted ILP [planning and assessment document].”
John Baker, excerpts from Shipley College lesson observation report, 2018

“A great experience – opens the mind!”
Marilyn SugdenShipley College participant, 2018

“Great course, interactive. I think that the content is what is required, well structured and easy to understand. It really makes you think about things you may have never considered before. You are a great trainer!!”
Jayne TookeRossett participant, 2018

“Really enjoyed the class.
Keith has good examples, modern comparisons and effective ways of getting the information and message across.
I think the prejudice & discrimination section should be taught to everyone and maybe there might be more understanding and compassion in the world.”
Rebecca PilkingtonRossett participant, 2018

“Your delivery is brilliant, it’s varied so you don’t get bored and you have a brilliant sense of humour!”
Billie Stephens, Shipley College participant, 2017

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