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Learner Perspectives: Older Workshops

A Look at Some Older Workshops…

“Really enjoyed it. Found Spiral Dynamics quite complex – but revised it and think I’m getting there!”
Rachel Abbey,   Shipley College participant, 2017

“Very good, informal and relaxed but full of information”
Adam McDowall,  Shipley College participant, 2017

“KR created a fascinating learning environment in which learners were curious & enthusiastic to learn .With each new cited reference they posed questions to deepen and explore their own knowledge…. His enthusiasm was contagious and infected the learners. Prior to the class starting one learner reflected that Keith was brilliant before sharing with me how fascinated he was with the previous week’s learning…. Keith’s approach to valuing his learner’s experience is outstanding . He warned the students (& the observer) the previous week about the content of this week’s session. This sensitive approach to a potentially awkwards subject ensured that the environment was safe and the quality of learning was maximised….
You were enthusiastic in your sharing of your extensive knowledge with your learners who as a result described you as ‘brilliant’ and your lessons, 
‘excellent’. You diplomatically and sensitively dealt with a difficult subject which resulted in students actively engaging with the learning and me having to stop myself from getting involved!”
Heather Savage, excerpts from Shipley College lesson observation report, 2017

November 2017: Suzi Brough, Karen Higglett and Dee Hines (nearer group) and Helen Chandler and Rebecca Mohammed (at rear) working on their case study at Rossett

“The course had a huge, positive effect on me; and also other aspects of my life. I am so glad I decided to enrol on the course.”
Helen ChandlerRossett participant, 2017

“Thank you for extensive course handouts and generosity in providing  ‘catch-up’ sessions for missed workshops.”
– ‘M W’Shipley College participant, 2017

“It has built my confidence when it comes to future learning/studying.
You make every lesson enjoyable. I think each student feels involved and the way you teach helps students feel at ease and confident to contribute in lessons.
Thank you.”
– Ruth HurdonRossett participant, 2017

“Notes are excellent – good to have a hard copy to take away after going through an overhead projector. Good interactions with quizzes to break up formal learning sessions.”
– Anne GrayRossett participant, 2017

“Loved all of it. Thank you very much. Looking forward to Jan 17.”
– Cathryn BarnesRossett participant, 2016

“I have really loved being on your course and truly enjoyed every session I attended. Attending your course has confirmed to me that Psychology is something I would like to increase my knowledge in. I hope to use the things I learn over time to help others in their lives, especially with regards people’s lack of love for themselves/lack of confidence…. Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher and for your great love of Psychology.”
– Ruth HurdonRossett participant, 2016

“Fun! Interactive! Engaging! And when the end of the lesson arrives, I’m disappointed that’s all we have time for, until next time! Thank you so much, Keith. I’ve loved my time in your lessons.”
– Hannah HooperRossett participant, 2016

June 2016: Penny Wilson, Deborah Willams and Rebecca Warner presenting their case study at Rossett

June 2016: Penny Wilson, Deborah Willams and Rebecca Warner presenting their case study at Rossett

“Thoroughly enjoyed the course. It wasn’t long enough but I will definitely attend the next Topics!”
Penny Wilson, Rossett participant, 2016

“Thoroughly enjoyable course. Good delivery. Met some lovely people. Keith made it fun. Definitely want to do more.”
Deborah Williams, Rossett participant, 2016

“Really important insights into everyday interactions with others…. Fun, engaging and accessible at all times!… A thoroughly enjoyable course, delivered in a creative way. Thank you very much.”
Rebecca Warner, Rossett participant, 2016

“Really enjoyable course. I learnt so much to support the work that I do, as well as internalise myself and understand others more. Thank you!”
Dariel Pitt, Rossett participant, 2016

“Once again really enjoyed the course, especially understanding stress…. The relaxed atmosphere allows everybody to stop and question at any time, without any concerns of causing a distruption. Future plans, I purchased your book so I will be working through that more of a hobby than real study , hope to join in the next session in the New Year….”
Paul Harrison,  Shipley College participant, 2016

“I have learned a lot that can be used both in my work and personal life. I now want to spend time learning more across the subjects.”
Rachel Anderson, Shipley College participant, 2016

” Lots of new and useful information for me to think about and use.”
Penny Pickles, Rossett participant, 2016

“I loved it. Lots of new stuff!”
Suzi Grange, Rossett participant, 2016

“As ever, the training course you did for us has proved invaluable in all aspects of my life. Thank you!”
Pamela Crofts, Hull Optimists, 2015

Excellent planned lesson seen through scaffolded SOW and lesson plan enabling learners to achieve.
Superb resources prepared for learners seen through prepared flip chart, handouts and activities enabling learners to question and learn.
Insightful activity on Kohlberg ensuring that learners are stretched and challenged on their ideas and showing how the theory can link to practice.
Excellent subject knowledge instilling confidence in the learners to ask questions and further develop.
Good feedback given throughout session, to support learners to know what they had achieved.”
Wendy Rowan, excerpts from Shipley College lesson observation report, 2015

December 2015: Paul Harrison, Rachel Fletcher and Georgia Harrison in one team at Shipley College and Michael Simpson, Amie Mordue and Marilyn Sugden in the other

“Excellent. Very well pitched for this level and good support. Additional catch-up lessons a real benefit and appreciated.”
Paul Harrison, Shipley College participant, 2015

“I feel the course was delivered very well and obviously you are very knowledgeable on your subject and that definitely shone through!!
Thank you!”
Jane Swales, Rossett participant, 2015

“Keith’s use of practical examples is helpful to understand certain subjects/points. Lessons are good when there is a good mix of group work as well as formal teaching. Overall excellent subject knowledge and teaching delivery with a good sense of humour. Great course and have enrolled for the next in Jan.”
Rachel Anderson, Shipley College participant, 2015

May 2015: Betty Sanderson, Elaine Shuttleworth and Sam O’Sullivan at Shipley College (Photo: Joan Russell/Shipley College)

“I can honestly say that I felt very relaxed and comfortable during the course and that everyone had made me feel welcomed. The group dynamics were very interesting from what I had observed over the weeks. I have enjoyed getting to know everyone and have felt a very warm positive energy from this group.
What makes your class so unique is your passion for the subject and how you engage with your students to develop their learning. It has been a pleasure being in your group, and I will use the knowledge that I have gained on the course in my working role. I would highly recommend this course to anyone.
Thank you for your expert knowledge and learning and I will be taking away a very powerful positive experience.”
Samantha Kujawinski, Shipley College participant, 2015

“Looking forward to Wednesday night is a sign that Keith (and peer classmates) is so good. Good introduction at the right depth. Thank you.”
Ting Zhu, Rossett participant, 2015

“Very much enjoyed the course – will be of great help in my everyday life. Looking forward to the next My love of psychology has definitely been re-kindled!”
Penny Pickles, Rossett participant, 2015

“An excellent introduction to a very useful subject. I would recommend the course and would like to study further eventually.”
Sean Thatcher, Rossett participant, 2015

“I have really enjoyed this short course. Every night has been interesting and insightful. Keith has been excellent and very much conveys his enthusiasm for Psychology.”
Julie Kerwin, Rossett participant, 2015

“Thoroughly enjoyed the course and hope to come to another one in the future. Thank you, Keith!”
Catherine Brown, Rossett participant, 2014

“Loved the teamwork and the handouts were very thorough. Added knowledge to my Psychology degree.”
Rachael Harland, Rossett participant, 2014

“‘An excellent and thoroughly enjoyable course. Subjects covered ranged from ‘the development of Psychology’ to ‘how we socially construct gender’. Keith Rice is a great tutor who is able to relate psychological theory to real life contexts and provides extensive notes in order to support course participants’ learning.”
‘M W’, Shipley College participant, 2014

“Returning to education after 24 years, I wasn’t sure what to expect from the Introduction to Psychology course; but am so glad I enrolled. Our tutor (Keith Rice) brings the subject to life, applying modern day scenarios to illustrate proven theories on what makes us humans tick. Lively discussion is encouraged each week, and I’ve been happy to share my views in such a warm, friendly environment. My passion for the subject continues to grow and inspired by my learning on the course, I definitely plan to take my studies further. If you’re thinking of enrolling, just do it!”
Val Smith, Shipley College participant, 2014

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