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Comments from letters, emails, evaluation forms, etc, about my work 1998-2015. Newest comments at the top; oldest at the bottom. Go to Comments for remarks about my work from 2016 onwards.

bu012“We didn`t actually use Keith in the end but only because my daughter changed her plans and went to college to start completely new courses. Bu5r what I can say is Keith was super efficient with his communications, he considered both my daughter and my concerns in planning his first lesson – ie: that I would go for at least half the first session to see what I was paying for and check out who was tutoring my daughter. He was clear about what he needed in order to plan her lessons and his qualifications speak volumes. I am sorry we never got to actually take Keith up on his tutorship but first impressions count and they were excellent!”
– Ingrid Lee, parent (2015)

bu012“Just wanted to drop you a line to thank you so much for all your help last year. We were thrilled with how well Natalie had done and she has started university with confidence in her own ability….she was only 3 marks off an overall A… since her teachers were still only expecting a C/D I think  she couldn’t have been happier especially since she got what she needed to start uni.  If you ever need a letter of recommendation we will be very happy to oblige. “
– Diane Gray, parent (2015)

bu012“Thank you so much for all of your help, clearly it has paid off and I couldn’t have done it without you.”
– Ally Webb, tutee (2015)

bu012“Hi Keith
I’m pleased to say I got a B in psychology which is a lot better than expected!! I am going to Sheffield Hallam in around a month.
Thank you ever so much for the help as without it I doubt I would have achieved this grade. You were fantastic.
Many thanks”
– Alex Smith, tutee (2015)

bu012“Keith supported my daughter to resit one paper of her A level Psychology in order to improve her grade.
She found Keith’s methods of teaching and approach very helpful. He was clear what he expected of her, whilst being helpful and supportive of her hard work. He also was able to supply and advise about other sources of useful information. The positive outcome being she did achieve her goal and was offered place at her preferred university.
I would recommend Keith as a tutor.”
– Sally Goult, parent (2015)

bu012“Thank you so much!! I am so happy…. Thank you for all your help I couldn’t have done it without you!”
– Millie Considine, tutee (2015)

bu012“Hi, Keith
Just to let you know I got a B overall!! In both my resits I got A’s too. Thank you so so much for all your help over the past year. I couldn’t have done it without you!”
– Natalie Gray, tutee (2015)

bu012“I am writing to tell you that your website has provided me loads of information regarding the attachment theory, specifically on its developmental stages. In this light, I would like to know how I could site your page in my paper?”
– Evangeline Louise Gerodias, Cebu City, Philippines (2015)

bu012“Many thanks for all your expertise and help over the past few years. It has been invaluable!!”
– Alison Considine, parent (2015)

bu012“The preperation with yourself paid off. If any friends of mine ever decide to study psychology and need help, I’ll be sending them your way. Thanks again.”
– Kashif Anwar, tutee (2014)

bu012“Excellent tutor – will definitely use again and recommend…”
– Yvonne Sanderson, parent (2014)

bu012“Thank you so much for everything. You have really boosted up my confidence for this exam. Really do appreciate everything! PS: You will be missed!”
– Myra Shazona, tutee (2014)

bu012“Thank you for being an awesome tutor!”
– Yasmeen Begum, tutee (2014)

bu012“The tutoring sessions have been extremely helpful and I am very  grateful for the time you have spent with me.”
– Imogen Williams , tutee (2014)

bu012” I’m sure the main reason I am engaged is because I have a great teacher and I am taking advantage…”
– Assara Shaban, tutee (2014)

bu012“As a result of your tutelage, I feel much more confident of passing in each of the exams…. I am truly grateful for all the help you have given me and the extent of your dedication to help me achieve my goals!”
– Daniel Swales, tutee (2014)

bu012“He has had a tough task sitting all four units together and I know that, if it wasn’t for your tuition, help and support, he wouldn’t have coped as well as he has. After each session with you, his mood and confidence seemed to improve along with his belief that he could actually achieve his goal.”
– Julie Swales, parent (2014)

bu012“Keith has been very supportive and my daughter has found the sessions invaluable. I would highly recommend Keith to any prospective student.”
– Diane Parish, parent (2014)

bu012“…just wanted to say that your site is amazing and has helped me during my second module at Uni about Freud and his theories. So thank you!”
– Zoe Silk, student (Bournemouth & Poole University, 2014)

bu012“I found the lesson most interesting and informative – and thought the video clip at the beginning was a marvellously engaging introduction. I was also very impressed by the care and skill with which you linked the learning process to A Level Examination objectives. It astonishes me how meticulously teachers today have to manage their lessons and you demonstrated those skills most impressively.”
– Mike Leigh, Governor, Woodhouse Grove School (2013)

bu012“I’m in, Keith. Thank you so much. I got one mark off an A and a B in the Psychology exams!”
– Tom Considine, tutee (2013)

bu012“Just a line to let you know that I have been accepted into Cambridge University for a BA in Social Work. I read your blogs and updates often and find them very helpful for my studies. Keep up the good work and thank you very much.”
– Malcolm Glennis, Cambridge (2013)

bu012“Thank you for being so patient while teaching us and explaining the very complicated psychological terms to us. Your lessons are really enjoyable and interesting. Most of us want to take Psychology in our university life. So thanks again for giving us this wonderful introduction.”
– Tina Lam, Anix Wong & Zhiliang Fang, Kowloon Methodist College students (Hong Kong) on a residential exchange with Woodhouse Grove School (2013)

Kowloon Thank You 130001

bu012“It’s been brilliant working with you on the Sociology course for the last two years, it’s tough teaching a split course at the best of times, but I really felt as though you and I really worked well together.  You’re really helpful, focussed on getting the kids the grades and were generally a pleasure to work with.  I’ll really miss teaching on the course with you as I know that it’s rare for it to work this well.”
– Sula Cameron-Bhandal, Sociology teacher and head of year, Rossett School (2013)

bu012“As the academic year draws to a close I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your contribution to Rossett over the last few years.
Your input has been wide and varied and we have appreciated both the individual and group support which you have given to your classes.
Your commitment to Rossett has been much appreciated and I wish you well with future ventures.”
– Pat Hunter, Headteacher, Rossett School (2013)

bu012“Without a doubt I can say that you’ve done a great job with me – even the best job I’ve ever done with a therapist!”
– ‘E’, Therapy client (2013)

bu012“Hello Keith. Just to let you know I got a FIRST!!  I could not have done it with out your help and advice. Thank you!!”
– Lucy Mountain , graduating student (Leeds Metropolitan University, 2012)

bu012“…just wanted to say how pleased Kaisha was with her Psychology result, as, of course, we were too! Many thanks again for all your help and for suggesting the re-mark.”
– Zoe Holmes, parent (2012)

bu012” I Got 2 B’s!!!!!!!!! Thank you for your hard work with me, I am so so so grateful and couldn’t have done it without you. Overall I have a B which for me is incredible!!!”
– Chris Gray, tutee (2012)

bu012“I got my A with 90 UMS so on track for my A*, and very happy indeed! Thank you so much for your help, pretty sure it wouldn’t have happened otherwise!”
– Helen Hawcroft, tutee (2012)

bu012“Absolutely fantastic website – has helped my understanding of the subject immensely. I think its a brilliant site. I imagine you must have helped so many people! Many, many thanks to you!”
– Kirsty Browning, Dorset (2012)

bu012“Hi, Keith, I was in touch years ago about something else, and tonight was thinking about and just found your comparison of Adizes with SD. Enjoyed reading it. Just a word to say thanks for the information and your ongoing work.”
– Kyle Whitford, USA (2011)

bu012“I came across your website today while working on my NLP Pracitioner’s assignment. I just wanted to say thanks for your AWESOME website and its explanations. I love what you have created here.”
– Wendy Watters, Australia (2010)


“Hi Keith. I’m so happy! I got AAA and I’m into Birmingham. 🙂 Thank you so much for all your help. It helped so much.”
– Victoria Saffer, tutee (2010)

bu012“I have appreciated your commitment and professionalism throughout this challenging year. Your role has been critical and I wish you all the best for the future.”
– Martin Hulland, Deputy Headteacher, Guiseley School (2010)

bu012“Hi, Keith. The exam went well – not too bad at all….Just want to thank you again for all your help. I couldn’t have done it without you.”
– Luke Avdiyovski, tutee (2010)

bu012“Shortly after I saw you I remember feeling pretty awful but in a strange way it helped me realise that whatever was said must have had an impact on my mind. The exercises you suggested with doing a vigorous workout certainly helped and allowed me to get back to sleep in the middle of the night!”
– ‘H’, Therapy client (2010)

bu012“I just wanted to say a big thank you to you for all the help you have given Molly. You have given her confidence and masses of knowledge to give this exam her best shot!”
– Claire Tuck, parent (2010)

bu012“I would just like to say thank you for creating your site. I am in my 2nd year at uni and your site has made my life and course work much easier to understand!! Thank you very much.”
– Christina McIntosh, Glasgow (2010)

bu012“Fantastic Body of Work & Knowledge, this!!!! Thanks for all your work!!!”
– Wout-Jan Koridon, MeshWORKER, Denmark (2009)

bu012“I hope you’re still teaching. I have fond memories of A-Level Psych and got 100% in my Summer exams that year. My girlfriend found your site, when searching on the Cognitive Triad. She thinks it’s great and would like to say Thanks as well.”
– Christopher Sumner, former Vermuyden School Year 13 (2009)

bu012“We often visit your wonderful website and use ideas from it in our courses. So my very deep thank you for providing such a rich source of wisdom, knowledge, know-how etc. It is so good to have people like you who share their work and insights with others. The spiral community too can learn a lot from that!”
– Dorothea Zimmer, Center for Human Emergence Deutschland – Österreich – Schweiz (2009)

bu012“I’m so happy with my grades. I can’t believe I actually did it – and I need to thank you and Mrs Standen for all your help!
I’ve learnt a lot from you, your website and of course your legendary ‘mind maps’!!”
– Avnish Chana, former Rossett School Year 13 (University of Birmingham, 2009)

bu012“I’m really, really pleased with my result! I got 2 A’s and a B and got into Birmingham Uni (my first choice)… I’d like to say thanks. Your help was much appreciated and the mind maps did help! AO2!”
– Zara Sekhavati, former Rossett Year 13 (University of Birmingham, 2009)

bu012“It was a pleasure to be your student, you didn’t just teach me about  AQA psychology GCE, you taught me a lot more about the world and  seeing everything in a way I otherwise wouldn’t have done. I had a great time in your class.”
– Jinnie Powell, former Rossett School Year 13 (University of Leeds, 2009)

bu012“To Mr E Rice: Thank you very much for being my teacher. You’re amazing.”
– Lucia Bovio, Rossett School Year 13 (2009)

bu012“I would just like to say that I thought your web site was amazing! It really helped me with my revision and was easy to read and understand. Thanks a lot for making my revision so much easier. I will certainly recommend this site to my friends.”
– Kelly Beaver, Worcester 6th Form College Year 13 (2009)

bu012“Thank you for your hard work, you are really good at marking too – lots of pointers and explaining where it is going or not going. So I really can understand. You should be a tutor at the OU!
Once again, Thank you – I am so glad I have found you!!!”
– Nicola Holt, Open University student (2009)

bu012“Thank you so much for your time with Ben this week – it was clearly a very positive session and we followed up with discussions on the seven intelligences. Really thought your analogy to the making of a cup of tea was useful to explain that anything can be learned…. Would happily recommend you!”
– Kathryn, mother (2009)

bu012“Thanks for being our Psychology teacher for a term in Year 12. Your teachings really helped me through my exams and now I’m studying Psychology at university and I love it.
– Joanne Bridson, former Guiseley School Year 12 (University of Lincoln, 2008)

bu012“I got a C overall in Psychology so I’m really happy …. plus on module 4 I got a B!!…I am over the moon! Jonny did great too. Thank you for everything, Keith, your tutoring really made such a difference. I don’t think I could have done so well without your help!”
– Philippa Harries, tutee (2008)

bu012“I got two Bs for my retakes and a C overall. Very happy!! Charlotte also got a C. A big thank you for all your help.”
– Lucy Mountain, tutee (2008)

bu012“A big thankyou for all the work you put into Lucy’s tuition. She certainly enjoyed her lessons with you.”
– Ange Mountain, parent (2008)

bu012“Thanks again. She certainly could not have done it without you…the sessions with you always lifted Fay’s spirits, even when she was tired and fed up with the whole business.”
– Jenny Hewison, parent (2008)

bu012“Hey, Keith…. My exam went really well, I thought. I knew what to write for every answer….You’re a great tutor! Thanks, Tom”
– Tom Dickinson, tutee (2008)

bu012“Just want to say a big thank you for all your help before my Psychology exams….I got a B! And I’m going to Liverpool to continue my studies.”
– Holly Clark, tutee (2007)

bu012“Good news! I got into my first choice university place…really happy with those grades – if only I had had your help from the beginning!! Thank you very much again for all your help. It has made a dramatic difference and it is greatly appreciated.”
– Hannah Smith, tutee (2007)

bu012“Thanks, Keith, for all the support you have given Hannah – it is difficult to put into words how grateful we all are, whatever the outcome you have given Hannah much needed confidence to face taking those exams!”
– Belinda Smith, parent (2007)

bu012“I was really impressed by what I saw…we drooled over the mindmaps – they were a really clear overview. We look forward to trawling for other goodies.”
– Jude Hirstwood, Psychology teacher (Luton Sixth Form College, 2007)

bu012“I walked out of the exam room with a shiny A. Thanks for your teaching. It was spot on!”
– Anthony Wilkes, Guiseley School Year 12 (2007)

bu012“Thankyou for teaching us. Your enthusiasm and knowledge in the subject made it that much more enjoyable and interesting.”
– Steph Dowlen, Guiseley School Year 13 (2007)

bu012“I also wanted to say a huge thank you for truly inspiring me whilst you were teaching us. I was at the stage where I was beginning to think I may have made the wrong A level choices, especially as we hadn’t had a stable Psychology teacher for some time. However, thanks to your help, I am now more confident in my ability to achieve the grades I need for University.”
– Kelly Robinson, Guiseley School Year 13 (2006)

bu012“I am indebted to you for far more than money!”
– Steve Smith, SDS Enterprises Ltd t/a EMC (Knottingley, 2006)

bu012“When I found all the [web site] resources, I admit to getting very excited – the must incredible collection of useful pages!”
– Wendy Baxter, Psychology teacher (Cottingham High School, 2005)

bu012“I have my Psychology exam on Friday, but it is basically A-level stuff because it is only the Introduction. It’s surprising how much I remember. However, it is your bizarre stories that help me remember!”
– Sam Yendall, former Vermuyden School Year 13 (Bradford University, 2005)

bu012“Lots of things have come up already that you taught me…Just thought Id let you know what I was doing ‘cos, well, if it wasn’t for you, I wouldn’t be here having the time of my life!”
– Katie Stock, former Vermuyden School Year 13 (Northumbria University, 2004)

bu012“Thanks very much for everything last year, it’s really set me up to face this degree.”
– Linzi Hanlon, former Vermuyden School Year 13 (Leeds University, 2004)

bu012“Thank you, Keith, The workshop went VERY well and I think we managed to push some boundaries in terms of current management and leadership thinking.”
– Jennifer Crossland, Innovation Manager, North East Lincolnshire Council Directorate of Economic Development (Grimsby, 2004)

bu012“That’s why I’m always so complimentary about your training. You have the ability to communicate relatively complex concepts very clearly.”
– David Burnby, David Burnby & Associates (Hull, 2003)

bu012“Thanks for all that. I’ve found it extremely useful and broadly concur with your recommendations.”
– Bernard McGuinn, Operations Manager, Hodgson Sealants Ltd (Beverley, 2002)

bu012Tim (the serious-looking lad) said the session was excellent. Everyone I’ve seen has been very complimentary of the style and found the content stimulating….Thank you again for all your enthusiasm and insight with the Year 8s and, in addition, your tenacity with the Year 9s.”
– Lewis Lynch, RE Teacher, St Mary’s College (Hull, 2002)

bu012“Thank you for all your support.”
– Barry Gray, Managing Director, Afton Court Retirement Home Ltd (Bridlington, 2001)

bu012“I didn’t think the training would work. But I’d heard you were good – so I thought I’d give you a chance. Now we’re beginning to see some real changes in some of our people.”
– Dennis Turner, Managing Director, Airedale Tubes & Fittings Ltd (Leeds, 2000)

bu012“I’ve learned so much from using Present State-Desired State Planning. Now, I use them on virtually everything. They’re especially helpful in getting the message across in presentations to others”
– Peter Hodkinson, Chief Executive, Westward Care (Yorkshire) Ltd (Leeds, 1999)

bu012“Thank you so much for your time, and an extremely interesting evening. I found the concept of Spiral Dynamics fascinating – my brain was buzzing all night so I didn’t sleep a wink! You have given me plenty to think about….”
– Vanessa Lindsay Smith, General Manager, Woodlands MS Respite Care Centre (York, 1998)

bu012“With Spiral Dynamics and Adizes, you’re helping us chart the future of this Company.”
– Jack Holt, Managing Director, Stelram Engineering Ltd (Wakefield, 1998)

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