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These pages describe the 2 services I still offer both to individuals and to organisations. (I ceased offering consultancy in January 2017 and announced in September that I was taking no new counselling & therapy clients, with a view to ceasing that service completely by the end of March 2020.) Please get in touch via the Contact page to discuss your needs.

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An illustrated overview of the Integrated SocioPsychology courses I deliver – training can be tailored bespoke to your needs
Child page: Learner Perspectives: Recent Workshops (workshop participants’ comments and photos)

Right ButtonTuition: AQA Psychology     14/04/20
Private tuition for students taking AQA specification A-Levels in Psychology and Sociology

bu012Case Studies
These are case studies from my days as a consultant and counsellor/therapist. They are provided as historical examples of my approach to clients in the hope that readers can learn and benefit from them. (My approach to counselling & therapy is outlined in The Use of SDi in Psychotherapy.) All case studies are told with the client’s approval. Those concerning individuals have the client’s name and identifying details changed to protect confidentiality. The later case studies are at the top and the earlier towards the bottom.
Individual counselling & therapy case study of a ‘wild child’ based on difficulties from childhood experiences

Individual counselling & therapy case study based on difficulties from childhood experiences

North Lincolnshire CIT
Report on a MeshWORK training project with a local authority community team, using the Gravesian approach, NLP and the Organisation LifeCycle concept

The Parks Primary School
The case study of the joining together of 2 primary schools in a high deprivation Hull estate beset with ‘tribal’ rivalries

A Company by Neurological Levels
The analysis of an anonymous company and the consequences it faced as a result of not facing up to some of its challenges

Individual counselling & therapy case study with a case of recovery from heroin addiction

Hodgson Sealants
MeshWORK case study of Beverley-based Hodgson Sealants and their journey towards Prime in the Organisation LifeCycle

Business-oriented counselling & therapy case study, charting the development of a manager

Individual counselling & therapy case study based on difficulties from childhood experiences

‘James’ & ‘Alan’
Business-oriented counselling & therapy case study, providing ideas on conflict resolution

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Comments from letters, emails, evaluation forms, etc