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Updated: 27 June 2022

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Introduction to Psychology: Understanding Yourself & Others
This 10-week ‘night school’ type programme incorporates key elements of Integrated SocioPsychology within the frame of a general introduction to the field of Psychology. Topics include:-

  • the concept of self
  • the importance of beliefs and values
  • what motivates us
  • how our temperament affects both thought and behaviour
  • the impact of gender differences on male-female relationships
  • the criticality of attachments during child development

Academic enough to provide a basis for further (serious) study, the level of study is still light enough for the more casual learner to make practical use of the knowledge and skills taught without feeling intimidated by too much ‘technical stuff’. The aim is to learn while having fun!

Dates: 21 September – 30 November 2022 (not 26 October)
Venue: Rossett School Adult Learning, Harrogate UK
Places remaining: 0/14
Price: £97
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