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Updated: 30 March 2021

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Psychology Topics #4: Dreams, Personal Resilience
This is one of 2 Psychology Topics courses this year which build on the Introductory course, Understanding Yourself & Others. It provides a more in-depth approach to helping you explore the specific interests under discussion and/or build knowledge of Psychology and the behavioural sciences. Attendance on the introductory course is helpful, but not essential, as recaps and additional study material will be provided.

A great many people are fascinated by dreams – their own as well as others – and yearn to understand those dreams that seem to offer insight if only they could be understood. The Dreams sessions don’t aim to offer explanations of dream content – though there is some of that – but rather to explore theories of dreams, to understand their nature. This should enable us to decide how much credibility to give to their contents.

Life can be tough – sometimes with more ‘ups’ than ‘downs’. At times it can even seem like an endless struggle. The Personal Resilience sessions aim to demonstrate, both in theory and practice, how to increase your ‘adversity quotient’ – ie: your ability to handle ‘tricky situations’. This will include techniques to increase your personal resourcefulness, so you are more able to bounce back from difficulties. To some extent, we will even look at how you change your mindset!

Dates: 21 January – 6 May – 15 July 2021 (not 3 June)
Venue: online, facilitated by Shipley College
Places remaining: 17/20
Price: £120
To discuss content, please contact me via the Contact page. For other queries and to book, please contact the Shipley College Enrolments team on 01274 327327 or email