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Mental Health

These pages consider the concepts of mental health and mental illness and how they are classified from an Integrated SocioPsychology perspective. 2 specific mental health issues, Depression and stress, are dealt with in more detail.

Those who support the Integrated approach and are interested in such matters are invited to submit pieces for publication here as ‘guest features’ or ‘guest reports’. Please get in touch with your ideas via the Contact page.

What is Mental Illness?       14/12/20
Pages considering approaches to defining mental illness and some of the issues concerning the applicability of these approaches

On Being Sane in Insane Places
David Rosenhan’s classic 1973 study of pseudopatients gaining access to psychiatric wards and describing the conditions they experienced

Piece exploring the nature and causes of suicide, based in large part on Émile Durkheim’s classic study

Diagnosis of Depression

Page outlining diagostic criteria for Clinical Depression and making the case for treatment

Can vMEMES cause Clinical Depression…?
Detailed discussion of the symptoms and causes of Major Depression, with a particular emphasis on the functioning of vMEMES and how that functioning can be related to mood

What is Stress?
An exploration of the nature of stress from both cognitive and biological perspectives

Stress & Illness
Discussion of evidence for the negative effects of stress on physical health

Vulnerability to Stress
A consideration of different factors which lead to some people experiencing more stress and more intensely than others

Workplace Stress              13/04/20
A look at some of the factors contributing to occupational stress.