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Well-Formed Outcome: an NLP exercise designed to test firstly an individual’s commitment to a specified outcome and then whether all factors which could influence the outcome can be aligned to achieve it. The exercise lends itself particularly well to considering both the vMEMES and the Dimensions of Temperament in play in those who can impact on the outcome.

Wernicke’s Area:

Whole Brain Dominance Model: developed by Ned Herrmann, this model attempts to attribute mental activity, emotions and cognitive concepts to 4 quadrants based on right and left hemispheres and upper (cerebral cortex) and lower (limbic system) brain. As some quadrants will tend to be more influential than others in differing individuals, the theory is that, if Brain Dominance preferences can be established, it is possible to predict patterns of behaviour. Although recent advances in Neuroscience have called into question some of Herrmann’s attributions – particularly in relation to the limbic system – his model remains highly popular as a tool for recruitment and management development in industry and commerce.

Working Class

Working Memory:

World Systems Theory: