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Comment on Jerry Coursen on Clare W Graves by Keith E Rice Mon, 11 Feb 2019 08:07:52 +0000 On I reviewed Krumm & Pastorfer’s very welcome Graves book…

“What a wonderful addition to the Gravesian/Spiral Dynamics literature! Not so much a simple reproduction of Graves’ papers but an informed summary of his works. Even including his master’s and doctoral theses from way before he commenced the work that became his defining theory.

Krumm & Parstorfer offer little judgement or evaluation of the work but summarise the key points of Graves’ articles effectively. There is also a very useful section on his methodologies and an overview of the theory.

To help readers with some knowledge of Spiral Dynamics but who have never investigated the scientific work behind it, the terminology of Graves’ systems/levels is coded to their equivalents in SD.”

Comment on Jerry Coursen on Clare W Graves by Rainer Krumm Sun, 10 Feb 2019 07:15:10 +0000 Thank you for that article, to whom it may concern, we wrote a biography about Clare W.Graves and Don Beck wrote the foreword.
Best regards from Germany Rainer Krumm

Comment on Article 50 Withdrawal: John Major is wrong! by Keith E Rice Wed, 19 Dec 2018 14:07:27 +0000 Today Best for Britain are claiming a 12% lead for Remain over Leave

I think there is still everything to play for but the situation is incredibly complex. Yes, Anna Soubry is reported to have said she would rather have a no-deal Brexit than a Corbyn government. But she’s also said she will resign the Conservative whip if May tries to push through a no-deal Brexit – as has former minister Nick Boles.

If Soubry and Boles left the Tories would Chukka and his mates leave Labour and pal up with them to form a new centrist anti-Brexit party? The old Marxist-derived lines of Capitalists vs Proletariat may actually be morphing into Globalist/Internationalist vs Populist/Nationalist. Maybe….

Comment on Article 50 Withdrawal: John Major is wrong! by David Burnby Tue, 18 Dec 2018 11:09:02 +0000 Arguing for a second referendum seems to assume that this will in some way solve the problem. It won’t of course. My feeling is that a second referendum would be equally as divisive as the first. My prediction is that the turnout will be significantly lower as much of the electorate will be disillusioned by the process and have lost confidence in ‘democracy’. From conversations I’ve had, the Brexit supporters have dug in and there will, in my view, be few conversions. I see a 10% majority on either side highly unlikely. The vote you have not mentioned is the one that returned the Tories to power in the 2017 general election, albeit without an overall majority. People voted for Tories in the clear understanding that they would deliver on Brexit. They are getting what they wished for. Rather than another referendum (a crazy form of decision making for an issue of some complexity) we need a government that is prepared to remain in the EEC and work for reform. Labour is prepared to do this, but there is no way the malcontent Tories or the DUP will risk a Corbyn government for all the reasons you outline in your opening remarks. So we’re done. And we’ll have to work with the consequences. Let’s move on!

Comment on Article 50 Withdrawal: John Major is wrong! by Jon Twigge Mon, 17 Dec 2018 21:14:13 +0000 I agree. It should be noted the government would probably revoke article 50 if remain won another vote.
In the case of a small majority to remain surely the logical way forward would be another referendum in perhaps 10 years.

Comment on The REAL Reason for Staying in the EU by Anthony Tuffin Fri, 02 Nov 2018 21:49:43 +0000 Excellent and well thought through. I have childhood memories of World War 2 and my parents and grandparents lived through both World Wars. As a child, I feared and hated Germans, but have since had German friends.

Most of the Leavers in the UK haven’t experienced war and take peace for granted, without understanding their debt to the ECSC/EEC/EU.

Comment on Has Boris Johnson inadvertently done Us a Favour? by David Burnby Sun, 19 Aug 2018 17:27:35 +0000 The major thing I take from this piece is the difficulty we have in discussing anything to do with immigration and/or multi-culturalism without attracting a label. Any suggestion that women might be different to men labels you sexist. As we are seeing writ large, anyone in the Labour party even suggesting that the Israeli government is acting unreasonably is instantly labelled an anti-Semite. Johnson is labelled ‘Islamophobic’.

So I take your point that Johnson’s dim-witted observations about the Burqa has surfaced the agenda, but I don’t see it as positive. In the same way Corbyn has been pilloried, the comments about Johnson have been taken out of context and sensationalised thus trivialising discussion to the level of tabloid headlines. You reprise your headline from an old blog “Is restricting immigration discriminatory” with the quote “At last, it’s starting to become OK to talk about immigration. Of course, it’s been a hot topic for the British National Party (BNP), their British National Front predecessors and the far right for years – in fact, decades…. ”

This suggests that members of far right parties indulge in intellectual, informed debate about immigration. It’s the left that has been having these debates for decades. The far right simply stokes its prejudice and white supremacy with racist insults and offensive actions which does not constitute talking about immigration.

So I agree it has to be OK to talk about multi-culturalism and immigration. The challenge is how to engage non-political activists in an informed and rational debate that stretches beyond the tabloid headlines. That means studying the issues to the level you do in writing this blog. As a nation we are lazy about politics and have a short attention span. Perhaps as a nation that hasn’t suffered from foreign occupation since 1066 we’re all too comfortable and don’t understand political struggle. Perhaps in school we don’t teach kids to think, question and challenge.

It’s depressing that discussion around anti-Semitism and Islam is limited to why the Leader of the Labour Party laid a wreath in a Tunisian cemetery six years ago and derogatory comments by the Tory’s class clown about women who choose the wear the burqa. All of course a wonderful smokescreen to cover Brexit incompetence; the Windrush scandal; rail chaos; the housing crisis and the fact that the Israeli government is kicking the crap out of Palestinians.

Comment on Fare Thee Well, Christopher Cowan! by MIchael Niblack Thu, 26 Jul 2018 08:03:26 +0000 For my shipmate Chris,

So….There was a loud knock at the door and a head poked in stating, “Request
permission to enter.” Followed by, “This package came for you Master Chief.”
The dog tired young sailor stepped in, wide eyed being in the Amphibious Ready Group (ARG) Command Master Chief’s office, handed me a package and very quickly disappeared with the usual loud slam and click of the door latch. I have always struggled with the reality that my office makes most young sailors pretty nervous.

Just that fast. That is all the time it takes.

I sized up the package and checked out the return address. In an instant I was 7500 nautical miles almost exactly due west and imagining enjoying an adult beverage sitting on the beach at the Shoreline Beach Cafe in Santa Barbara with Chris, Natasha and my beloved wife Marybeth.

That is all the time it takes……

I know the heartbreak of homesickness was not Chris’ aim but seeing that return address and the National Values Center (NVC) logo created that initial reaction.


Inside the package I found a white molded plastic binder made to hold 16 cassette tapes with a front cover stating “ECLET, A workshop with Dr. Clare W. Graves.” All the appropriate information of the contents and a statement, “For more information or for additional copies contact: NVC Consulting PO Box 42212 Santa Barbara, CA 93104”

And immediately I was again back on the beach at the Shoreline Beach Cafe.

That is all the time it takes……

I have long pondered a view that our time on earth is a cosmic bargain. A person gets an unknown endowment of time to accomplish creating value with their life. The use of that time compared to the value they created in exchange and hopefully it comes out at least near even. And in a great life, way ahead in the value created effort…

My tangle of experiences leaves me feeling most people end up with the best side of life’s cosmic bargain. In Chris Cowan’s case, it was a brilliant exchange of time. What he accomplished in that bargain will not be fully known for generations. He most definitely exited giving back way more than than his too damn short allotment of time.

It’s the axel not the wheel that was really the marvel and Chris was an axel to be sure. Working in his own way to keep Dr. Graves’ and his insightful thinking alive will be Chris’ axel that others can circumvolve….

Until you can again remind me face to face that knowing about fire, regardless of how deep one’s knowledge, does not make you fire, from my Scottish clansmen I share, “Agus go gcasfar le chéile sinn arís, go gcoinní Dia i mbois a láimhe thú”* my dear shipmate on this small Blue sphere, Fair Winds and Following Seas…
* “and until we meet again, may God hold you in the palm of his hand”

Comment on Fare Thee Well, Christopher Cowan! by MIchael Niblack Wed, 25 Jul 2018 10:14:15 +0000 Thank You!
I just reread your post about Chris Cowan\’s passing. Amazing how much I can miss Chris when I just want so feedback about his current thoughts… I still talk to him but it is such a one sided and uninformed discussion… I shared your post with a client / newcomer to SD and your words so humanized what I was failing to express. v/r Michael