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Living through the Pandemic

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January: The Psychology Topics #3: Crime, Depression evening classes at both Shipley College and Rossett were cancelled due to low take-up.
Commentary: the courses were to be run online. As with the previous September, it seemed online was not how people wanted to undertake this kind of training. Also, of course, the Coronavirus pandemic was at the peak of its second wave around the time the courses were due to start,

March: Spent half a day at Sci-Tech Daresbury being interviewed on video for the Potentialisation project with Jon Twigge, Christopher Cooke, his wife Sheila and others.
Commentary: It was uplifting and fun to catch up with Cookie. I hadn’t seen him since the Regent’s College Summit in 2009. Although Jon and I had engaged in occasional contact over the years, I hadn’t actually been in the same room as him since Regent’s College. (All conversations socially-distanced, of course.)

March: Conducted the one-off online workshop Why do They do That?! for Shipley College.
Commentary: This was an attempt, using SocioPsychology concepts, to explore why people behaved in disruptive ways during a crisis like Coronavirus.

Although attendance was small – just 7 participants – feedback was effusive.

April: The Psychology Topics #4: Dreams, Personal Resilience evening classes at both Shipley College and Rossett were cancelled due to low take-up.

May: 2 half-day online workshops for Shipley College, extending the theme of  Why do They do That?!,  were cancelled due to low take-up.

July-September: For the first time since taking up private tutoring in 2007, I had a small number of A-Level tutees over the Summer – online, of course.
Commentary: The students, who included a girl based in Hong Kong but attending a private school in Devon, were Year 12s preparing to go into Year 13. The motivation for this unprecedented study during the Summer holidays, was their parents anticipating the 2022 exam perhaps not running due to Coronavirus and a more rigorous form of ongoing teacher assessment being substituted. In which case, these parents wanted their children to be scoring highly in school tests and assignments from the start of the new academic year.

August: From the small number of online tutees I had supported the 2020-2021 academic year, one achieved an A* in in A-Level Psychology, one an A, one a B and one a C. My only A-Level Sociology tutee also achieved an A.

September – December: Ran Understanding Yourself & Others: an Introduction to Psychology for Rossett in person, in class.
Commentary: This workshop series began with one of the highest numbers of participants – 14 – ever recorded for one of my Rossett programmes. In fact, I actually had to ask Rossett not to take any more participants in light of the need to take Covid precautions! From what several of the participants told me, it appeared a key factor in there being such a good number in the class was the desire to connect with other human bengs again after 18 months of restrictions at best and lockdowns at worst. As good a demonstration of the PURPLE vMEME as there could be.

Paradoxically Shipley College were unable to recruit anything like enough participants to run the introductory course there.

With only one drop-out over the 10 weeks (due to personal reasons), the Rossett course was a great success. They gelled well as a class and several of them indicated they would be coming on future Topics courses.
Gallery: Rossett participants, December  – click on photo to enlarge.