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The articles on these pages explore the concepts of Integrated SocioPsychology, vMEMES, Neurological Levels, Dimensions of Temperament and related Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Psychology and Sociology models from theoretical and general standpoints.

Features dealing with the particular practical applications of the concepts and models are posted in the Lifespan, Society, Global and Mental Health sections of this site. Features on application of the concepts outside of those topic areas are included in this section.

Thanks to those leading psychologists, sociologists and Gravesian/NLP practitioners who have generously allowed their work to be published here alongside my own.

The articles appear in ascending chronological order – ie: the newest are at the top of the list below and the oldest at the bottom.

Graves: Systems more than Stages    anim012  30/08/20
Piece examining the nature of stage the nature of stage theories and how the Graves Model is so much more than a stage theory

Citizen-Driven Community and Nation-Building
Article by Bjarni Snæbjörn Jónsson dealing with community engagement in large-scale change and using the drive for constitutional change in Iceland as application

How the Plutocrats are waging War on the Bureaucrats…
Piece using sociopsychological theory to explain the rise of nationalistic populism in the West

The Trouble with Tribalism… 
An exploration of the nature of tribalism and the disconnect between tribalism and mainstream politicians in the West

Right ButtonLeadership – a SocioPsychological Perspective
Page discussing the nature of leadership and applying sociopsychological theories to explain different approaches to leadership and management

Right ButtonA Biological Basis for vMEMES…?
Article considering neuroscientific research which may give clues as to just how vMEMES work in the brain

Right ButtonThe Process of Change   update2    05/04/19
Article exploring change using Don Beck’s 10 factors for change, Bateson’s Levels of Learning and the Gestalt Cycle

Right ButtonWhat makes People vote Republican?
Article by Jonathan Haidt, with Spiral Dynamics-oriented annotation by Bruce L Gibb

Right ButtonThe 7th Code
Extract from an e-list posting by Don Beck

Right ButtonValue Systems as Foresight Frameworks
Article by Marcus P Barber exploring how vMEMEs perceive time and how to approach these different perceptions strategically

Right ButtonSpiral Dynamics & The Enneagramme
A discussion betweeen Fabien & Patricia Chabreuil, Chris Cowan & Natasha Todorovic and Jack Labanaskaus

Right ButtonJerry Coursen on Clare W Graves
A leading neuroscientist’s view of the work of Clare W Graves

Right ButtonOf Components and Tiers…
Extract from an e-list posting by Don Beck

Right ButtonSD for NLPers
A basic introduction to Spiral Dynamics for NLP Practitioners by Natasha Todorovic

Right ButtonA Spiral Perspective of Human Development…?
A short humorous article by Jerry L Coursen

The Thriving Organisation
Organisations seen from the Second Tier: Complexity Theory in the MeshWORK Approach to Businesses
Peter Fryer’s 
exploration of what 2nd Tier organisations might look like

Companies by Neurological Levels
A short paper by Max Herold illustrating how the Neurological Levels concept can be applied to commercial organisations

Right ButtonSpiral Dynamics Leadership in the Integral Age
Prepared by Don Beck for the 2002 annual SDi Confab

Right Button

MeshWORKS – a 2nd Tier Perspective and Process
Extract from an e-list posting by Don Beck

Right ButtonAligning Neurological Levels – a Reassessment
Article by Peter McNab exploring the logical consistency of Robert Dilts’ key model in the context of Ken Wilber’s AQ/AL construct

Right ButtonThe First Being Level: the A’N’ or Systemic Existential State
Workshop handout by Clare W Graves; annotated by Spiral Dynamics co-developer Chris Cowan