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“You can’t know what you don’t know” – Chris Cowan, 1998

Updated: 6 December 2023

Welcome to my Blog & Pages where you can learn about me, the work I’ve been doing and an approach I call Integrated SocioPsychology. From time to time I also post in the Blog my sociopsychologically-informed views on life – from major events in the world to personal ruminations on my own thinking and attitudes. Go to Key Updates to find out what the latest changes and additions to the site are.

Knowing Me-Knowing You coverBased primarily on the Gravesian approach, Hans J Eysenck’s Dimensions of Temperament, Robert Dilts’ Neurological Levels construct and the science of Memetics, Integrated SocioPsychology presents a structure to align and integrate the behavioural sciences. Consequently the concept postulates the complementarity of much in the academic disciplines of Psychology and Sociology and what are often considered ‘alternative’ fields such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

This web site carries a real flavour and much information as to how Integrated SocioPsychology has been developed (by myself and others). However, greater detail and elaboration can be found in my book, ‘Knowing Me, Knowing You: an Integrated SocioPsychology Guide to Personal Fulfilment & Better Relationships’.

You can learn more about me, the work I have done and  the work I still do in About Me… As I am now working towards retirement, there are 2 services I still offer:-

Right ButtonTuition

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Up to and beyond formal retirement target date – July 2026 – I will take one-off commissions where appropriate.

About This Site… provides an overview of what the site is about and some guidance on how to get the best out of it. About This Site… also contains the ‘legal stuff’! The pages can be searched via the topics menus at the top of each page and post. The most recent Blog posts are linked in the sidebar to the right. Going through the Blog page in the top menu enables the posts to be scrolled through page by page in reverse chronological order – ie: newest to oldest. Comments are usually invited for Blog posts and many of the theory and application pages also allow comments to be made by visitors to the site. The most recent comments for both posts and pages are linked in the sidebar. Categories and the most used tags are also shown in the sidebar and a key word search box is at the top right of each post and page. (You can search on theorists and researchers or concepts, theories and models. As this site is very oriented towards practical applications of the behavioural sciences, you can also search on topical areas listed in menu bar sections – eg: politicians, countries and ongoing debates from local to geopolitical.)

So…Visitor, as you explore my site, ask yourself…

  • What is it you want to achieve and why
  • How will you know when you’ve got what you want?
  • What do you need from others that will help you get what you want – and why should they help you?
  • Since there is a cost to most things, what are you prepared to do or give up to get what you want?
  • ..and, when you look at it globally and holistically, just what is it that stops you getting what you want or being who you want to be

If you like what you find on this site, please do recommend it to others.

Key Updates
06/12/23:  update to Learner Perspectives: Recent Workshops

04/12/23:  2021-2023 updated in Career

13/11/23:  Rossett School Adult Learning (Harrogate, UK) have  greenlighted my course Psychology Topics #3: Crime, Depression  to run from 10 January to 20 March 2024

18/09/23: new comments on the Blog post: Is Vladimir Putin what CORAL looks like?

01/09/23: Terms of Business updated

24/08/23:  Feedback/Comments updated

05/11/22:  The Biological Impetus to Attachment updated in Infant Attachments

15/10/22: Home Page, About Me… and About this Site… updated

07/06/22: new comments on the Blog post: Fare Thee Well, Don Beck!

16/03/22: Don Beck & South Africa in the Global Case Studies now translated into Italian and published on the Cambiamondo site

10/03/22: new comments on guest Blog by Neri Bar-on Overcoming Intractable Elements in the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict through Spiral Dynamics

06/03/22: The West and Russia: a Divergence of Values, originally published in Eros & Kosmos e-zine, now translated into Italian and published on the Cambiamondo site

21/11/21: updates to O in the Glossary

15/07/21: new Blog post: A New England from the Racial Abuse of Footballers…?

07/07/21: update to Meta States & the Cognitive Triad in Theory

26/06/21: photo update to Don Beck & South Africa in the Global Case Studies

22/06/21: new Blog post: Chesham & Amersham: a Middle Class Revolt brewing?

11/06/21: new comment on TURQUOISE/Transcendence in Theory

12/04/21: new comment on the Blog post: Northern Ireland under the Brexit Bus

13/03/21: Separation, Deprivation & Privation updated in Infant Attachments

23/02/21: Selfplex Defence Mechanisms updated in Theory

16/02/21: new Blog post: Coronavirus Crisis: Can We go back to ‘Normal’?

13/02/21: new comment on Biological Factors in Crime in Society

12/02/21: update to Clare W Graves’ Research in Theory

25/01/21: new comment added to What They’ve said... about Knowing Me, Knowing You in Writings

24/01/21: comment on the new Blog post: Coronavirus Crisis: Radical Rethink required

14/01/21: new comment on the Blog post: Trump and the Attraction of the Extremist Political Hard Man

10/01/21: new comment on  Dimensions of Temperament in Theory

20/12/20: Integrated SocioPsychology overview updated

01/12/20: Social Learning Theory updated in Learning & Education

27/11/20: minor updates to Prejudice & Discrimination Theories

23/11/20: Stress & Illness updated in Mental Health

18/11/20: minor update to Graves Comparison Map in Theory

08/11/20: new Blog post: Race and Demographics: Biden’s Challenge

27/10/20: The Prison Studies relaunched in Social Influence

30/08/20: Graves: Systems more than Stages added to Articles

25/08/20: Social Change updated in Society

08/07/20: SocioPsychological Factors in Crime relaunched in Crime & Deviance

13/04/20: Workplace Stress relaunched in Stress

22/02/20: new comment on the Blog post: Boris and Trump: How do They get away with it?

29/12/19: What is Stress? updated

17/12/19: new comment on the Blog post: Johnson’s Victory does not create Certainty

10/11/19: comment on A 2nd Tier Approach to a 1st Tier World in Writings

08/05/19: What is Mental Illness? relaunched in Mental Health

30/04/19: minor update to Diagnosis of Depression

05/04/19 minor update to The Process of Change in Articles

04/04/19: new Blog post: Money, Islamophobia and the Surge in Right-Wing Extremism

11/02/19: new comment on Jerry Coursen on Clare W Graves

08/01/19:  Maintenance and Breakdown of Romantic Relationships relaunched in Romantic Relationships

27/11/18: Romantic Relationships: Economic Theories relaunched in Romantic Relationships

20/11/18: Is Sexual Infidelity Inevitable? updated in Romantic Relationships

05/11/18:  What is Romantic Love? relaunched

02/11/18: new comment on the Blog: The REAL Reason for staying in the EU

19/08/18: comment on the Blog post: Has Boris Johnson inadvertently done Us a Favour?

26/07/18: new comment on the Blog: Fare Thee Well, Christopher Cowan!

18/07/18: new comment on How the Plutocrats are waging War on the Bureaucrats… in Articles

16/07/18: Fred Krawchuk’s The 5Ps: SDi MeshWORKS: how Diverse Stakeholders transform Complex Challenges added to the MeshWORKS pages and a minor update to How to build a MeshWORK

07/06/18: Bjarni Snæbjörn Jónsson’s Citizen-Driven Community and Nation Building added to Articles

11/05/18: new comment on Enoch Powell: Racist or Prescient? in Society’s Prejudice & Discrimination pages

02/04/18: TURQUOISE/Transcendence updated in Theory

16/03/18: new comment on the Blog post: Hope from the Tragedy of MH17…?

04/03/18: Robber’s Cave relaunched in Social Influence

23/10/17: new comment on the Blog post Schizophrenia and the Tragic Story of Moby Grape

13/11/16: What is Globalisation? relaunched in Global

09/11/16: further update to Is Collectivism being overtaken by Individualism? in Global

16/09/16: comment on Underclass: the Excreta of Capitalism

16/05/16: Theory FAQ on the relationship between Graves, Spiral Dynamics and SDi updated