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Client Quotes

Comments from letters, emails, evaluation forms, etc. Newest comments at the top; oldest at the bottom.

“I have only had 1 session and I was really impressed, lots of tutoring planned for the future with this gentleman.”
– Kay Francis. tutee (2018)

“Thank you so much again for all your help and support over the last 2 years, I couldn’t have got here without you!”
– Caitlyn Owens, former tutee (2018)

“We weren’t always on your page but you’ve definitely helped him hugely. Thank you.”
– parent of therapy client ‘T’ (2017)

“I enjoy very much reading your articles on Graves’s theory and particularly the details you provide on the different encounters with other researchers. For my studies, I’m training to find examples of ‘real’ applications of Graves’ theory into real-life cases. Your case articles are inspiring.”
– Ana Escarpenter, conference/event organiser for ESTA, Brussels (2017)

“Meant to email yesterday but I was pretty busy ‘celebrating’ my results. Wanted to let you know that I got a B in Sociology, which I have to give huge credit to you for!
I’ve decided that my goal is to go to Uni and do Sociology, possibly all the way up to a PhD eventually. 
Thank you so much for all your help.”
– Caitlyn Owens, tutee (2017)

“Hi Keith,
Just wanted to thank you for the tutoring which helped me so much in getting my B in Psychology. Couldn’t be happier with the results and I got a place in Dundee. Wanted to share the good news and give you my thanks for the help.
Once again, Thank you”
– Jakub Kowalczyk, tutee (2017)

“Hi Keith,
I got my results and I got a B in psychology! I’m really pleased and I just want to thank you a lot for all your help this past year, its been a lifesaver.
I got into my insurance choice at Bangor University to study Psychology and i’m really excited.
Thanks again.”
– Olivia Griffin, tutee (2017)

“My son found Keith to be really helpful.”
– Colin Halliday, parent (2017)

“Our daughter visited Keith for several months for help prepare her for the AS and A Level Psychology exams. During this time, she made excellent progress not only in terms of her subject knowledge but also her exam technique. Keith is an extremely good tutor and built up a great rapport with her, encouraging her to reach her full potential. She is now much more confident about facing the exams and has in fact decided to take Psychology at university, recently receiving an offer from Durham. We can thoroughly recommend Keith without any reservations.”
– David Horner, parent (2017)

“Very good standard of teaching and value for money.”
– Lesley Griffin, parent (2017)

“We are grateful for your time and work with Fi and would happily recommend you to others.”
– Gabe Kilner, parent (2016)

bu012“I seriously doubt a different tutor for Psychology would have enabled Tom to grow and develop his academic capabilities as well as you have. I, my husband and, of course Tom, are so grateful we ‘found’ you.  The success in his A’ levels were the ‘icing on the cake’.  And I do mean ALL his A’ levels, as I firmly believe your help enabled him to do so well in ALL his subjects.”
– Gill Kemp, parent (2016)

bu012“Keith!! I HAVE GOT INTO UNI!!!!! You took me from an E grade student and helped me get a B!!! I honestly cannot believe it! I dreamed of getting a B but didn’t think it would come true. Honestly I wouldn’t have been able to do that without all your help and support! I am over the moon and my jaw is starting to hurt from smiling so much!
This is the best feeling ever so thank you so so much for helping me achieve it!!”
– Sophie Hastings, Skype tutee (2016)


“Hi, Keith
Just wanted to say a big Thankyou for all the help and support you’ve given Ol with his Psychology this year.  It’s made such a difference to his understanding and more importantly his confidence in the subject.”
– Linda Scurrah, parent (2016)

bu012“Thank you so much for all your help this year. I really would not be ready to face this exam without your help and guidance. I have thoroughly enjoyed every session.”
– Hayley Marsden, tutee (2016)


“Just wanted to say a massive thank from Phil and I for the support you have given to Hayley. We feel that she has really increased in confidence with the subject and seems much better prepared for her exams this year. She has really enjoyed your teaching and has learnt so much more. You have helped Hayley immensely.”
– Caroline Marsden, parent (2016)

bu012“Just to say a huge thank you for your help. I don’t have enough words to express the difference I feel in myself and my attitude towards everything. I feel far more prepared to deal with situations and you have been so patient, understanding and non-judgemental and thus I have felt I could progress with ease.
You will always be very highly recommended.”
– ‘L’, Therapy client (2016)

bu012“Keith seems to be really helping my son with his A-level Psychology and my son is enjoying learning from him: it`s not a chore. Keith is also giving him canny hints, tips and direction which will be useful for his other subjects. I am very happy to have found Keith via TutorHunt.”
– Gill Kemp, parent (2016)

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