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These pages describe the services I offer both to individuals and to organisations. All services can be tailored bespoke to your needs. Please get in touch via the Contact page to discuss your needs.

There is also a Case Studies section. (All case studies are told with the client’s approval. Those concerning individuals have the client’s name and identifying details changed to protect confidentiality.)

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The use of NLP (with some CBT) on the Integrated SocioPsychology maps to assist individuals and couples resolve problems and get through emotional blockages

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An illustrated overview of the Integrated SocioPsychology courses I deliver
Child page: Course Quotes (workshop participants’ comments and photos)    update2  10/07/17

Right ButtonTuition: AQA Psychology/Sociology     30/08/17
Private tuition for students taking AQA specification A-Levels in Psychology and Sociology

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Comments from letters, emails, evaluation forms, etc