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Updated: 15 March 2018

News & Events
20-22 April 2018: Spiral Dynamics Summit on the Future
I have been invited to be a keynote speaker at this conference in Dallas, Texas.

Organised by Said E Dawlabani, the conference is a gathering together of leading Gravesians to consider both the current state of the world and what the Gravesian approach can offer to help resolve the critical issues which are threatening peace and prosperity across the globe.

Besides myself and Said, other key speakers include Ann-Marie Voorhoeve (The Netherlands), Bjarni Jonsson (Iceland), Fred Krawchuk (USA), Robin Lincoln Wood (France/UK), Rica Viljoen (South Africa), Nicholas Beecroft (UK) and, of course, Spiral Dynamics co-developer Don Beck.

Psychology Topics #6: Biological Psychology, Consumerism & Shopping
From an Integrated SocioPsychology perspective, the first part of this 10-week ‘night school’ type programme looks at how our biology influences our thoughts, behaviour and experiences. From hormones regulating a woman’s cycle and predicating aggression in males to the relationship between mental illness and brain dysfunctions, our biology has a profound expect on our psychologies. The course also considers Epigenetics and the partial redundancy of the ‘Nature vs Nurture Debate’.
The second part of the course considers the modern Western phenomenon of consumerism as a key element in modern society. From that macro perspective, the course scales down to explore individual motivations behind the drive to shop.
Dates: 25 April – 4 July 2018 (not 30 May)
Venue:  Rossett School Adult Learning, Harrogate UK
Places remaining: 16/16
Price: £85
To discuss content, please contact me via the Contact page. For other queries and to book, please call Melissa or Catherine on 01423 563768 or email:
Dates: 26 April – 5 July 2018 (not 31 May)
Venue: Shipley College UK
Places remaining: 17/20
Price: £99
To discuss content, please contact me via the Contact page. For other queries and to book, please contact the Shipley College Enrolments team on 01274 327327