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Updated: 26 January 2017

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Right ButtonPsychology Topics #4: Dreams, Personal Resilience
From an Integrated SocioPsychology perspective, this ‘night school’ type programme explores the nature of dreams in relation to sleep patterns, different explanations of dreaming, and what they may or may not mean. The second part of the course looks how people deal with challenging and stressful situations and provides a number of therapeutic exercises participants can use to build up their personal resilience.
Dates: 27 April – 6 July 2017 (not 1 June)
Venue: Shipley College UK
Places remaining: 18/20
Price: £99
Discounted rate: n/a
To discuss content, please contact me via the Contact page. For other queries and to book, please contact the Shipley College Enrolments team on 01274 327327booking