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Mental Health

Defining Abnormality

Mind map reviewing the key criteria for defining Abnormality

Stress & the Western Collaborative Group Study
Myer Friendman & Ray Rosenman’s groundbreaking investigation into the relationship between stress and coronary heart disease - in Key Study format

Johannsson’s Swedish Saw Mill Workers
G Johansson et al’s pioneering research into how to measure stress in the workplace - in Key Study format

Sources of Stress
Mind map exploring the relationship between stressors and the
fight-or-flight response


Diagnosis of Depression
Article looking at the criteria for diagnosing
Depression, with an emphasis on cognitive factors


Depression - Biological Considerations
Mind map exploring
Biological viewpoints on the nature, characteristics and causes of Depression

Depression - Psychological Considerations
Mind map exploring
Psychological viewpoints on the nature, characteristics and causes of Depression

Evolutionary Explanations of Depression
Mind map putting forward
Evolutionary accounts of Depression

Learned Helplessness
Feature by
Paul Kenyon linking 'Learned Helplessness' in dogs to Depression in humans

What is Stress?
Mind map exploring the nature or
stress and how stressors produce the fight-or-flight response

Stress & Illness
Mind map considering the relationship between chronic
stress and serious illnesses such as cancer and chronic heart disease

Stress Vulnerability
Mind map looking at factors which can make you more likely to experience chronic

Stress & Individual Differences
Mind map considering how factors such as
class, ethnicity, culture and gender can make you more or less likely to experience the effects of stress

Life Changes & Stress
The investigation by
Richard Rahe, J L Mahan & R J Arthur to test Thomas Holmes & Rahe’s Social Readjustment Rating Scale - in Key Study format

Work-Related Stress
Mind map demonstrating that a number of factors can make the workplace dangerous for your health!

Social Support, Self-Esteem & Depression
Classic research by
G W Brown et al into Depression amongst women in North London - set out in Key Study format

Stress & the Immune System

Description and critique of Janice Kiecolt-Glaser et al’s 1984 investigation into the relationship between stress and immune system functioning - presented in Key Study format

Marmot’s Stressed Civil Servants
Michael Marmot et al’s massive investigation into the causes of workplace stress amongst London civil servants - in Key Study format