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January-March: Ran Psychology Topics #7: Grandparents, Parents & Children evening classes at both Shipley College and Rossett.
Commentary: Both programmes were hugely successful, though, for various reasons, the Rossett class ended up smaller than it had started. Feedback was very positive and encouraging, with a couple of participants saying it had been a life-changing experience.

Gallery: Rossett participants, March – click on photo to enlarge.

June: Video of an interview I had done with René de Beer the previous month was broadcast to the first Integral African Conference.
Commentary: Back in December had been asked to speak at the conference by co-organiser Rica Vilajoen (who was a prime mover in 2018 Spiral Dynamics Summit on the Future, at which I had spoken). I turned Rica down as I felt I needed to stay at home to support my A-Level tutees in the middle of their exams. However, Rica is a great flatterer and eventually persuaded me to do a video interview which could be broadcast at the Conference.

A still from my IAC video interview

The interview was far-ranging, going from my introduction to Spiral Dynamics back in 1998 to the development of Integrated SocioPsychology to applications of these concepts to major world crises.


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