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January: Took the decision to no longer promote my services overtly as an organisational consultant – though I would still be open to providing ‘consultancy’ in specific circumstances which would benefit from the Integrated approach.
Commentary: Truth to tell, I hadn’t carried out a project in organisational consultancy in years. While my skills and knowledge in areas like people management and Organisational LifeCycles were as highly relevant as ever, inevitably my knowledge of market tends and the latest in ‘management thinking’ were out of date. While wanting to hang onto the belief (schema) that I could provide consultancy advice in specific contexts that would benefit profoundly from my particular skill set, I realised it was time to let go of my ‘consultant identity’.

January-March: Ran a full 10-week version of Psychology Topics #3: Crime, Depressiofor Shipley College. Starting and finishing 2 weeks later I also ran Psychology Topics #1: Romantic Relationships, Mental Health for Rossett.
Gallery: Shipley College participants, March – click on photo to enlarge.

February: asked by Don Beck to be part of ‘The Official Research Centre for Spiral Dynamics’. After some considerable agonising, turned the offer down.
Commentary: On a practical level, I was just too busy: a minimum of 20 hours contact per week with A-Level tutees (plus all the preparation and marking) alongside teaching 2 ‘night school’ classes (Rossett and Shipley College) and an upswing in the therapy side of my business literally left me with no time to give to Don’s new project.

Truth to tell, much as I felt indebted to this great man and his late colleague Chris Cowan for the life transforming – life-saving? – effect their 1998 workshops had on me, I had long ago lost interest in marketing Spiral Dynamics as a brand. One causal factor in me ‘jumping ship’ from the Centre for Human Emergence UK was that they had a focus on marketing ‘Spiral Dynamics’ per se – which I didn’t! Rather, I was much more interested in using the Gravesian approach as a structure and motivation for aligning many of the schools and disciplines in the behavioural sciences – Integrated SocioPsychology! I was, however, understandably flattered by Don’s invitation.