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These pages aim to provide a bibliography of works referenced on my web site. Inevitably, given the way the site has developed organically over the years - shifting, morphing, changing again - not all the references have been retained. However, the vast bulk of them will be here and are searchable alphabetically via the navigation bar at the left.

I’m not a great fan of the Harvard system of referencing; so I use a variation of my own which actually provides more information about the author or originator of the material. Unless stated otherwise, the reference is for the first publication of the work. The lead author’s surname goes first in all entries.

Note: where a quote is lifted from another’s work, the relevant page numbers (where known) are in the in-text citation, not the Bibliography.

Conference Papers

Authors (year of publication): presentation title with inverted commas in italics presented to name of conference or society - eg:

Korzybski, Alfred (1931) ‘A Non-Aristotelian System and its Necessity for Rigour in Mathematics and Physics’ presented to the American Mathematical Society

Books, Leaflets, Programmes

Authors (year of publication): book title with inverted commas in italics (publisher, place of publication) - eg:

Beck, Don Edward & Christopher C Cowan (1996): ‘Spiral Dynamics: Mastering Change, Values and Leadership’ (Blackwell, Cambridge MA)

Chapters and Sections in Compendiums

Authors (year of publication): chapter or section title with inverted commas in italics in book title with inverted commas in italics (publisher, place of publication) - eg:

Hunt, David E (1966): ‘A Conceptual Systems Change Model and Its Application to Education’ in O J Harvey (ed):‘Experience, Structure and Adaptability’ (Springer, New York NY)


Authors (year of publication): article title with inverted commas in italics in name of journal and either number in italics or (month of publication) - eg:

Bandura, Albert (1977): ‘Self-efficacy: Towards a Unifying Theory of Behavioural Change’ in Psychological Review #84


Authors (year of publication)*: page title with inverted commas in italics (name of web site) URL (date last accessed) - eg:

Clery, Elizabeth (2012): ‘Attitudes to the Welfare State’ in British Social Attitudes #29 (Accessed: 19/06/13)

*Internet references can be really tricky due to the organic way in which cyberspace has grown. Where the name of the authors is not available, the name of the web site is substituted. Where the year of publication is not available, the copyright year is substituted.

TV and Radio Programmes

Quoted person(s) (role, year of broadcast): programme title (name of series if appropriate, broadcaster, broadcast date) - eg:

Plomin, Robert (contributor, 1993): ‘Wot U Lookin’ At’ (Horizon 29/18, BBC-1, 24 May)