mental illness is a myth used by state to control people - Thomas Szasz (1960)
Eg: it used to be considered deviant for a woman to have a child outside of marriage and some were locked up in psychiatric institutions. (Audits of patient records in the 1990s found that there were still women alive in psychiatric institutions who had been locked up decades previously for having a child out of wedlock!)
Eg: middle-class women who were attracted to working-class men were 'nymphomaniacs'.
Eg: women who inherited money and wished to keep it for themselves were diagnosed with 'moral insanity'.
Eg: slaves who showed an 'irrational' desire to escape from their owners had 'drapetomania.
Eg: in the Soviet Union in the early-mid-20th Century political opponents to the Communist government were labelled dissidents and locked up in psychiatric institutions.