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"You can't know what you don’t know" - Chris Cowan, 1998

Keith E Rice’s
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Keith E Rice's

Key Updates

29/11/15: new comment on Islamification: Europe’s Challenge in Society

27/11/15: update on Psychology Topics #2 Courses numbers - 14/16 left at Rossett and 18/20 at Shipley College

22/11/15: new comment on 4Q/8L in Theory

18/11/15: new comment on A Biological Basis for vMEMES…? in Articles

10/11/15: new comment on the Blog: Fare Thee Well, Christopher Cowan!

02/11/15: major update to Can vMEMES cause Clinical Depression.? In Mental Health

14/10/15: minor update to Training

01/09/15: News & Events updated

21/08/15: Theory FAQ on the Gravesian approach updated

13/07/15: Blog: The Counsellor gets counselled! updated

25/02/15: new comment on the Blog: Email from a Muslim Student

23/08/14: The West and Russia: a Divergence of Values published in Eros & Kosmos e-zine

21/08/09: ‘From Rule Britannia to Cool Britannia to Integral Britannia’ published in Integral Leadership Review

Old Site Updates

09/10/15: Client Quotes updated

04/10/15: Assimilation-Contrast Effect updated in Models

29/09/15: Don Beck & South Africa updated

18/08/15: 2015 updated in Career

28/06/15: another Course Quotes update

09/03/15: Self-Transcendence page relaunched as TURQUOISE/ Self-Transcendence

27/12/14: Sociological Factors in Crime updated in Society

16/08/13: Leadership - a SocioPsychological Perspective added to Articles

20/07/13: Suicide? updated in Mental Health

26/06/13: Attachment in Infant Monkeys updated in Infant Attachments

05/04/12: ‘A’ updated in the Glossary


Note (06/11/15): I am in the process of developing a new site based around my Blog. This involves transferring material I intend maintaining and developing to pages on the Blog. This will become the centre of my web operations and materials for the foreseeable future.

The transition is likely to take several months…so please be patient with the inevitable duplication and broken links! Although menus on the new site may point to pages, the pages may still lack content as the pertinent material from the old site has yet to be transferred. In which case, please go to the old site to find what you are looking for.

Once material has been transferred, it will be taken down from the old site. So, if you have a page from the old site bookmarked as a ‘favourite’ and, on your latest visit, it no longer exists, then please look for the equivalent page on the new site.

Material I do not intend maintaining and developing will be left in place on the old site until I feel it is too far out of date to be relevant. A month’s notice will be given below before the deletion of such pages.

Click here to enter the old site!