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Master Practitioner, Professional Guild of NLP

The first purpose of this web site…

This web site has two principal purposes which are distinct but related.

The first purpose is to act as a resource base for people interested in the behavioural sciences - particularly the academic disciplines of Psychology and Sociology and what are often considered alternative fields: Spiral Dynamics and Neuro-Linguistic Programming. The site will be of particular interest for those interested in how it all fits all the different approaches/perspectives, theories and models can be integrated. Hence, Integrated SocioPsychology!

And also, of course, how the various theories, models and therapeutic techniques can be applied practically to help change people’s lives for the better.

See This Site as a Resource Base for further information on using this site for that purpose.

In addition to the multitude of resources on this site, those who are interested in how it all fits together will be especially interested in my book. This web site carries a real flavour and much information as to how Integrated SocioPsychology is being developed (by myself and others). However, greater detail and elaboration can be found in my book, ‘Knowing Me, Knowing You: an Integrated SocioPsychology Guide to Personal Fulfilment & Better Relationships’. Click on the book graphic below to learn more.

Knowing Me, Knowing You

"You can't build a building on thoughts - but you can build a better building by thinking!"

Updated: 25 February 2015

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25/02/15: new comment on the Blog: Email from a Muslim Student

23/02/15: 14/16 places left on Harrogate Psychology - an Introduction: Understanding Yourselves & Others. See also Events Diary and panel opposite

14/0215: Comparison Map updated in Models

12/02/15: new comment on the Blog: Muslims, take back Your Religion from the Psychopaths of UnIslamic State!

28/01/15: HemsMESH updated in Career

11/01/15: new Blog: The Meaning of Charlie Hebdo…both for Islam and the West

27/12/14: Sociological Factors in Crime updated in Society

19/12/14: comment on the Blog: Will the West seize the Opportunity the Peshawar Massacre may offer...?  

18/12/14: more new comments on the Blog: Why is the West ignoring a Leading Moderate Muslim?

17/12/14: 2014 updated in Career

07/12/14: Course Quotes updated

20/09/14: Client Quotes updated

23/08/14: The West and Russia: a Divergence of Values published in Eros & Kosmos e-zine

05/06/14: FAQ on CBT updated in FAQ: Services

16/08/13: Leadership - a SocioPsychological Perspective added to Articles

20/07/13: Suicide? updated in Mental Health

26/06/13: Attachment in Infant Monkeys updated in Infant Attachments

05/04/12: ‘A’ updated in the Glossary

21/08/09: ‘From Rule Britannia to Cool Britannia to Integral Britannia’ published in Integral Leadership Review

10/04/09: Hodgson Sealants case study updated

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Keith E Rice
Bsc (Hons), Grad Cert Ed, PGNLP

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The second purpose of this web site…

The second purpose of this site is to tell you about me, what I’ve done and how I can help you.

The Services fall into the following broad areas:-

See About Keith E Rice… to learn more about me and my approach.


...Visitor, as you explore my site, ask yourself...

There are many ways I can assist you...get in contact *now* to find out more!

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   Please note that, while accuracy of information is very important to me and every reasonable effort is made to ensure accuracy on this web site, no warranty is given or implied as to said accuracy. (See also: This Site as a Resource.)

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Revised Note 14/02//15: the web site is currently in the midst of a considerable set of changes. Pages and even entire sections (Learning, Business) have been deleted while other pages are being reassigned to different sections and some material consolidated under different headings. The purpose of these changes is to enable me to focus on specific areas where my expertise can add something not generally found in the usual Psychology and Sociology textbooks and web sites. Rather than tackle a broad range of approaches and topics, many of which are dealt with equally well elsewhere, my intention is to dig deeper into the issues I am most interested in with an ever-greater understanding of the key sociopsychological models I espouse.

Menu bars on different parts of the web site may not yet be completely in sync and not all indicated links will work. Please be patient! Once the structural changes are complete, there will be a protracted period of bringing the material up to date in line with the latest in sociopsychological research and thinking. Apologies to those inconvenienced by those changes.