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“You can’t know what you don’t know” – Chris Cowan, 1998

Updated: 26 May 2016


Welcome to my Blog & Pages where you can learn about me, the work I do, my approach to developing what I call Integrated SocioPsychology and my sociopsychologically-informed views on life – from major events in the world to personal ruminations on my own thinking and attitudes. Go to Key Updates to find out what the latest changes and additions to the site are.

Knowing Me-Knowing You coverBased primarily on the Gravesian approach, Hans J Eysenck’s Dimensions of Temperament, Robert Dilts’ Neurological Levels construct and the science of Memetics, Integrated SocioPsychology presents a structure to align and integrate the behavioural sciences. Consequently the concept postulates the complementarity of much in the academic disciplines of Psychology and Sociology and what are often considered alternative fields such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

This web site carries a real flavour and much information as to how Integrated SocioPsychology is being developed (by myself and others). However, greater detail and elaboration can be found in my book, ‘Knowing Me, Knowing You: an Integrated SocioPsychology Guide to Personal Fulfilment & Better Relationships’.

You can learn more about me and my work in About Me… The Services I provide fall into the following broad areas:-

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About This Site… provides an overview of what the site is about and some guidance on how to get the best out of it. About This Site… also contains the ‘legal stuff’! The pages can be searched via the topics menus at the top of each page and post. The most recent Blog posts are linked in the sidebar to the right. Going through the Blog page in the top menu enables the posts to be scrolled through page by page in reverse chronological order – ie: newest to oldest. Comments are usually invited for Blog posts and many of the theory and application pages also allow comments to be made by visitors to the site. The most recent comments for both posts and pages are linked in the sidebar. Categories and the most used tags are also shown in the sidebar and a key word search box is at the top right of each post and page. (You can search on theorists and researchers or concepts, theories and models. As this site is very oriented towards practical applications of the behavioural sciences, you can also search on topical areas listed in menu bar sections – eg: politicians, countries and ongoing debates from local to geopolitical.)

So…Visitor, as you explore my site, ask yourself…

  • What is it you want to achieve and why
  • How will you know when you’ve got what you want?
  • What do you need from others that will help you get what you want – and why should they help you?
  • Since there is a cost to most things, what are you prepared to do or give up to get what you want?
  • ..and, when you look at it globally and holistically, just what is it that stops you getting what you want or being who you want to be

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Please note I am in the process of developing this new site based around what was originally my Blog. This involves transferring material I intend maintaining and developing from the old site to pages on this site which will be the centre of my web operations and materials for the foreseeable future. The transition is likely to take several months…so please be patient with the inevitable duplication and broken links! Although menus on this new site may point to pages, the pages may still lack content as the pertinent material from the old site has yet to be transferred. In most cases, you will find a link on the page to its equivalent on the old site to find what you are looking for.

Once material has been transferred, it will be taken down from the old site. So, if you have a page from the old site bookmarked as a ‘favourite’ and, on your latest visit, it no longer exists, then please look for the equivalent page on this new site.

Material I do not intend maintaining and developing will be left in place on the old site until I feel it is too far out of date to be relevant. A month’s notice will be given below before the deletion of such pages.

Key Updates
26/05/16: Leadership – a SocioPsychological Perspective updated in Articles

25/05/16: new comment on Clare W Graves’s research and vMEME Stacks updated in Theory

24/05/16: Rossett School Adult Learning confirmed for Autumn 2016: Psychology: An Introduction – Understanding Yourself & Others 21 September – 30 November

23/05/16: further minor update to TURQUOISE/Transcendence

22/05/16: minor update to Graves Comparison Map in Theory

20/05/16: new comment on Self-Actualisation/YELLOW and minor update to 3 Stage Theories of Development

17/05/16: vMEMES updated in Theory

16/05/16: Theory FAQ on the relationship between Graves, Spiral Dynamics and SDi updated

10/05/16: Selfplex Defence Mechanisms updated in Theory

09/05/16: new comment on the Blog: The REAL Reason for staying in the EU

08/05/16: Selfplex updated in Theory

05/05/16: minor update to Schemas & Memes in Theory

02/05/16: Reciprocal Determinism updated in Theory

01/05/16: minor update to and comment on NLP+ Communication Model in Theory

29/04/16: new comment on Attribution Biases in Theory

28/04/16: minor update to The Gernia Variation in Society and Neurological Levels updated in Theory

27/04/16: minor update to 4Q/8L

19/04/16: Shipley College course dates confirmed for academic year 2016-2017: Psychology: An Introduction – Understanding Yourself & Others 29 September – 8 December; Psychology Topics #3: Crime, Depression 5 January – 16 March 2017; and Psychology Topics #4: Dreams, Personal  Resilience 27 April – 6 July. See  for Courses further details

13/04/16: minor update to Attribution Theory

12/04/16:  Client Quotes updated

06/04/16: new comment on the Blog: The Mamas & The Papas: Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll or Incest, Addiction and Unreleased Albums

04/04/16: minor update to Meta-States & the Cognitive Triad in Theory

30/03/16: new comment on the BlogDe Menezes: was it Policy pulled the Trigger?

28/03/16: Course Quotes updated

27/03/16: 2016 updated in Career

15/03/16: Social Change updated in Society

11/03/16: Don Beck & South Africa updated in the Global Case Studies

10/03/16: Personal Therapy updated

07/03/16: Tuition updated

05/03/16: new comment on the Blog: Fare Thee Well, Christopher Cowan!

04/03/16:  Terms of Business updated

03/03/16: News & Events updated

10/02/16: Meta-Programmes updated in Theory

09/02/16: new comment on Epigenetics in Theory

04/02/16: Dimensions of Temperament updated in Theory

03/02/16: minor update to Integrated SocioPsychology overview in Theory

02/02/16: new comment on the Blog: For Sian and Gillian Baverstock

22/01/16: new comment on the Blog: Cuba on the Cusp…?

27/12/15: 2015 updated in Career

22/12/15: new comment on the Blog: Afghanistan: Job not done!

01/12/15: This Site as a Resource Base relaunched as About This Site…

30/11/15: new comments on Islamification: Europe’s Challenge in Society

18/11/15: new comment on A Biological Basis for vMEMES…? in Articles

02/11/15: major update to Can vMEMES cause Clinical Depression.? in Mental Health

14/10/15: minor update to Training

13/07/15: Blog: The Counsellor gets counselled! updated

25/02/15: new comment on the Blog: Email from a Muslim Student

23/08/14: The West and Russia: a Divergence of Values published in Eros & Kosmos e-zine

21/08/09: From Rule Britannia to Cool Britannia to Integral Britannia published in Integral Leadership Review

Old Site Updates
27/12/14: Sociological Factors in Crime updated in Society